Dee Jay Avatar Request

Could someone PLEASE do me a favor and make a Dee Jay avatar for me?

This picture: with my name flashing somewhere on it would be awesome. And also, if you have a cooler picture of SSF4 Dee Jay to use, feel free, as long as it has Dee Jay and my name with the border of the letters of my name slowly flashing neon like colors, that would be awesome.

Thanks in advance to who ever takes this on! Much kudos!

Oh yea, premium size too please!

I’ll scoop this up for you later tonight, ******.

You’re gonna love my nuts.

Oh baby I can’t wait. <3 Mno.


oh man


I can’t be bothered out of HoN. Doing inhouse and clan scrims. So I made you one in-between banning picks. <3

YO I PUT YOUR NAME TWICE ON ACCIDENT WHO CARES. Shitty av for a shitty SF4 player.

HoN is for people not good enough to play real RTS games. Or fighting games. Holla at cha boy.

i look in these threads to see the wwork that some people put out and this has got to be the most crack av i have seen in a while …maaad props to Mno