Dee Jay avatar request

Hi guys I was wondering in celebration of SSF4 I would like a dee jay avatar using this image
I would like it to be maxium size for non-premium, if you could make him in his black color like in HDR. Also I would really like it to have my name on it. If its possible please make him shake the maracas like in HDR. If there is anything else you have to do go crazy

Couldn’t find any good footage of him shakin de maracas so…here’s my shot :d:

hm, i might be able to come up with something tomarrow morning ill think of something till then unless some1 filled the request

Well I ended up doing something similar to mines, maybe it might interest you, Still thinking of other designs though unless you like this one

Is that outer glow on the font?

Try to avoid outer glow. Use stroke to outline fonts.

Pro-tip from a non-pro.

its actually stroke but it came out distorted for some odd reason when i was rendering it for the output, So I hade to use slight transparency on it this was just a quick project still thinking of possibles though =D


I tweaked it seems the stroke comes out good until its uploaded I think i need a better image viewer on my pc 0_o damn ifranview haha

i changed the positions also

I wish you the best in your search for possibilities. It is how we create our own unique style. B)

As for my post, I just fuggin’ hate seeing fonts with outer glow on them. I was guilty of it…a long long time ago. I’ve since atoned.

I know what you mean lol and thanks, gatta be unique it makes avatar making that much interesting =D

lol and i get what you mean, Trust me if I use outer glow it will come out way distorted lol I just use stroke since it tends to give better results :slight_smile:

thank you savaii64 and xplict91 for your efforts. i will try to use both avatars since you took the time to create one for me. thanks a bunch both of you

No probs. :tup: Don’t forget to use the Big Request Thread (2nd Impact) for future requests! :wgrin:

^^ ill keep that in mind for next time