Dedicated Alex player Money Matches at EVO 2k7

im a noob hoping to get better sometime in the future so I would like extend a challenge to any dedicated Alex players going to Evo.

the challenge being money matches.

I’m not going to go with a million dollars on hand but 5 bucks would be the minimum and prolly 20 being the highest bet I’ll take

it would be Alex on Alex any supers and race to 5 or 2/3 whichever you’d like. No race to tens because I get bored with those.

So yeah, I’d really like only dedicated Alex, but if I don’t know you and you want to play me with your alex im not going to know now am I?

certain names I will definitely know though, so amir and random nyc tops, prease go away

i extend this challenge to japanese players too, though, I doubt any of them read these boards. I would like to see how I’d fare against, Genki, KSK, and/ or Zangoefu. I played Zangoefu once, but I had accidentally picked twelve and got owned.

so yeah.

post here and we’ll talk about where to meet up and how this is going down.

It might be in the hall, but then again it might be in my hotel room( I will be staying in the hotel that Evo is going to be held in)

Alright piece outs.

PS. No Cali Alex players I can play at ffa any other time, this is just to see how Alex players are doing around the world.

So far the list is:

  1. Sabin
  2. umthrfkr
  3. Hydra632
  4. Kobe Bryant24 ( I want to til evo so everyone can see how much you suck.)
  5. THChardcore
  6. Sebastian? are you serious?

im from nyc, and im a dedicated alex player, does that exclude me from the bet? :sweat:

$10 on sabin

i play alex, and like money

My name is Sanchez. I am Alex player from Mexico. Would you accept race to 5 for 500 pesos?

no, it doesn’t matter if you’re from nyc, but if you’re justin wong taking on alex it excludes you. But sabin you’re good to go.

you mother fucker is good to go.

Sanchez I would take your bet, but then if I won, you’d wanna do it over and over and over until you came out winning. That’s not a money match, that just stubborness.

I’m down for an Alex v Alex money match.

Hey everyone get in line!!

Hydra is giving out free money!

So since I’m SoCal, Lenin, I’m excluded? Fuck you. :smiley:

Good luck, though, buddy. I want vids.

Actually Justin’s 1st character was Alex dander. But then he turned to the darkside lol.

Anyway I’ll play you ft5 for 20 or somethin i guess. ill see how my funds are when i get there since evo worlds is so far away. after final round i got a reason to actually practice now, so hopefully itll be good matches. :slight_smile:

hi guys, im a extrimly good Alex player, i would like to money match Dander, why,
cuese i think he fucking sucks, he’s retarded, and he is gay.

thank you.

im not a dedicated alex player. money match lenin?

we dont have to wait til evo.

moneymatch this nuts faggot

fuck it yi. I’ve seen your alex.

put me down for 10 if I go.

Yep. I don’t get this contest Lenin, I mean what, you don’t play enough Alex players already? Last tourney I went to out there, I think I saw you play against two Alex users in the same part of the bracket. Or maybe that was Sanchez. Or Duralath, or Ty, or Don, or Joel. Or one of the hundred other SoCal Alex players.

Is Pat Van Pelt betting it up? If no Umthrfkr, so I don’t have to choose between friends, I like Lenin over all non-SoCal challengers.

i don’t play alex, but i’ll start so please take my 10 dollars

im actually only betting this guy(i guess he’s lenin) and arturo.

I’m really just trying to check out the comp around the states. If I was to set up a dedicated alex player’s match ups for free deal I doubt anyone would show. If the opportunity arose to land some money off of a scrub like me, I’m sure a lot of people would jump at the opportunity. oh yeah and I hope you all don’t mind but they will be taped.

I’d like to play, but not for money because I suck.