Deciding on a Stick/Hitbox

Just wanted to get some last minute input before I make a purchase. Mostly will be playing Dragonball FighterZ, but likely some other games later. Currently looking at getting:

  1. Razer Atrox
  2. Qanba Obsidian
  3. Hitbox

My goal was to keep my spending at most $200.00, I will be playing the games on PC and can’t stand using a controller/pad because I like to be able to top/hit the buttons with my fingers. I’m open to other suggestions too or general feedback for the 3 I am currently considering.


Start here…

I suggest getting some other PC fighting game and setting up a keyboard like a Hitbox to see if you like that layout. It would be qwe space for left, down, right, and up, and then whatever 6 buttons you want for the attack buttons.

Thanks, I did try this over the weekend and like it- my keyboard is a compact size so they keys are kind of close together, it works but is a little annoying trying not to hit other keys/get moved around!

If you don’t want to put a LOT of work into execution, get a Hitbox. You can learn complex movements on Hitbox faster than on stick. I have played on Hitbox for about the last 9 months exclusively. I was a big proponent of it but I’ve since switched to a Panzer 3 Korean stick with a modded Myoungshin Fanta stick in it. I’m having a lot more fun playing on the stick even though I’m having to re-learn a lot of things on it. Hopefully you don’t get bored with Hitbox like I did and if that’s for you, go for it!

just wondering, how does one get bored of a type of controller? its simply the medium through which you input commands into the game. the enjoyment is supposed to be in the challenge of playing other people. did it have limitations, or conversely, did you find it too easy to do everything perfectly?

I’m only a week into the hitbox, but finally getting comfortable with it! Very happy with the purchase so far and looking forward to actually learning to play these new games :smiley: Thanks for the input everyone.

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@Gaijinblaze The controller is a part of the fun of playing. It’s like saying why would any one want a Ferarri, it just gets you from point A to point B like any other car. Get it?

Any one know a good place to buy a hitstick? The official site is sold out for the Xbox One platforms, none to be found on ebay, and I’d really like one. Thanks in advance for any help!!