Deciding on a new stick, need help!

So I’ve been using my friends HORI fighting stick V3 for a while now and I am starting to hate it. So I thought I should just buy my own stick now. I’ve heard about HORI sticks madcatz TE sticks and Qanba sticks. I really like the Qanba Q4RAF it looks amazing and the fact that it’s a 3 in 1 on both platforms and PC is crazy. However I am only going to be playing this at home on my PS3 with my friends. So if I’m thinking of a stick and looking to pay at most $200, what stick would be suitable for me and the best for its money. Thanks guys

what im wondering is if im just using it at home with friends should i get the qanba q4raf or HRAP. on the difference is only 30 so im stuck and cant decide

Please use the stickies.