Decided on a stick, small mod questions [Hori SCV]

I hope there isn’t some better place to put this - I figured the questions were specific enough to warrant their own thread, so apologies if this isn’t the right place!

After much research and mind-changing, I’ve decided on the SCV stick, as I like the look of the button layout and the depth looks good as a wrist rest. My only issue is that I’m not a huge fan of game-branded peripherals so the artwork will be the first thing to go. I see that Art and d3v are the people to talk to about this, which is cool.

Whilst I’m doing this modding, I want to get rid of the 360-colour buttons because I think they look terrible. So that I don’t buy the wrong thing and mess this up, could someone point me toward the buttons I need to buy, and advise on whether this is just a simple swap or something more involved please?

Thanks in advance. This forum is awesome - so much great info.

You are better off asking in Tech Talk

I did wonder about Tech Talk, but thought this might be a bit of a simple question for there. If a mod feels that this would be better in there, please could I get this moved? Thanks!

The FAQs and stickies in the Tech Talk section will point you to the answer you need.