[Dec 3, 2011] SF4AE, UMVC3(Fate of Two Vergils (Madison, WI)

Region: Midwest
Games: Melee/Brawl/UMvC3/SF4/3SO
Location: Madison, WI

Date: Saturday, December 3rd
Location: Carson’s Carryout second floor, 1515 Tripp Circle Madison, Wisconsin
http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&q=…-8&sa=N&tab=wl Location “A” Go in the front door and up the stairs to your left.
If you switch to satellite view, you can see just to the East a huge, free parking lot literally 20 yards from the venue! It’s labeled “Lot 34.”

Prices: $5.00 venue fee (includes pizza!/soda waived, with a FULL SETUP(tv/system/game you are entering in)
$10.00 Melee singles
$20.00 Melee doubles ($10 per person)
$10.00 Brawl singles
$20.00 Brawl doubles ($10 per person)
$5.00 Smash 64
$5.00/$10.00 UMvC 3 (Most likely it’s going to be $10.00)
$5.00/$10.00 SSF4 (I would like to include the $10.00 if we get more entry’s this time)
$5.00 3SO
$5.00 Double Dash

Payout: 60/30/10 doubles melee
60/30/10 singles everything else
If 30+ entrants,
1st- 55%
2nd – 25%
3rd- 10%
4th- 5%
5th- 2.5% each

11:00 AM - Venue opens/registration starts
12:00 PM - Brawl doubles
12:00 PM – Melee doubles
1:00 PM – MvC 3
3:00 PM - Brawl singles
3:00 PM – SSF4
4:00 PM – Melee singles
8:00 PM – 3SO
8:00 PM – Mario Kart: Double Dash
11:00 PM - Venue closes

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Rules:
-Default settings
-3 out of 5 matches.
-Loser may change characters/assists. Winner cannot change characters or assists (character lock).
-Both players may alter their order by holding A1 or A2 during loading.
-dante’s retarted team infinite is banned
Super Street Fighter 4 Rules:

  • 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games, 99 Seconds, No Handicap
    -If the players do not agree on a stage within 15 seconds, the match will be random stage select.
    -Winner must keep the same character, but can select a new ultra in game 2 or 3, but has to pick the ultra before the opponent picks theirs. This does not apply to blind pick.

Mario Kart: Double Dash Rules:
-2/3 races, 3/5 finals, 1v1, items set to basic, 150 cc

  • First race track is chosen at random; subsequent races loser picks track (Dave’s Stupid Rule is in effect for best of 5), Mirror Mode tracks are counterpickable. Winner of previous match may switch racers, then loser may switch racers.
    -Rock Paper Scissors for first character choice, then 1-2-1
    any questions, please don’t be afraid to ask

No KOF? count me in though.

I’ll be winning the tournament with Zero / Vergil / Doom, whose Vergil will I play in Grand Finals?

ill be there at 8 to rape you all in third strike. dont wana sit through all that other crap. hopefully theres a decent turn out

I can guarantee that you will have a good time with madison’s best pizza and mountain dew. its the least I can do to encourage attendance.

lol, we are going to have ken dittos in third strike, HYPE!

umvc3: I would like players to pick stages that are bright. some stages make wesker blend in with the stage. (just saying)

I plan on winning mario kart bitches. shit just got real.

I’m not showing again. I’m getting my wisdom teeth removed Friday afternoon and will likely feel like shit Saturday. I also would like to try and accomplish 10 hours of work this weekend, which I’m positive won’t happen anyways.

This week sucks.

I will try my best to be there around 8 for 3s.

Agreed with sitting through the other games. No point for me.

Jaron call me on Saturday to remind me or I might just sit and play Skyrim all day and forget. xD Here’s hoping more than 5 people play 3s and it isn’t you and I in the finals.

Will MvC and SF be on PS3 or 360?


I was actually gonna come until you said PS3

if you bring an xbox setup. we can play on that

Ok, planning on streaming the event?

Probably too small to be streamed LOL, although that would be cool…

Is 3rd Strike being run on 360 or ps3? I have it for PS2 but I dont own a current gen console (my good spec desktop PC doesn’t count)

I have it on ps3.

I’ll probably stop by for my first tournament.


The location of this tournament may change! This is due to two primary reasons.

  1. The university fucked up
  2. The pizza machine hasn’t been working at our original location, which causes a problem for providing food to people, :(.


Now the tournament could be at one of two locations.

  1. Is the location I already mention at CARSONS next to the parking lot.
  2. Gordon Commons, Madison Wisconsin. which is about a 10 minute walk from the parking lot.
    Type in Carson’s Carryout second floor, 1515 Tripp Circle Madison, Wisconsin to Gordon Commons Madison Wisconsin, and it should be a pretty comfortable walk.

I will have an answer for sure at 4pm tomorrow at where our tournament will be on saturday 11am-11pm.

IF ANYONE HAS ANY QUESTION AT ALL OR GETS CONFUSED/LOST on SATURDAY. CONTACT ME 414-514-1401 with a text or phone call. I will get this information asap and posted when I know the details. this won’t 't be a problem, but a possibility in change of location.

hey if there is an issue with the hosting of the tournament, i know a place that said they would host it, but you have to work out the specifics and yes it is in Madison, and they have all the setups and all the games already.

Oh boy…I just realized I have a prior engagement at 3pm. BUT…if you still want to know about that place that will host i’m sure he will accommodate. He already does it for another group for weeklys and the venue fee is $5 bucks.

never mind. we are fine.


but yeah, if anyone has questions still give me a call tournament day or whenever.

I have some family stuff that came up…so I won’t be there. Sorry guys. :frowning: