[Dec 29, 2011] Thursday Night CLASH! (Egg Harbor Township, NJ)



Introduction to CLASH

Hey what’s up everyone, my name is vVv ChiboSempai. I’m a long time member of the Smash Community, and working my way into the UMvC3 scene. I’m a top tournament organizer for Smash, and have hosted more events than anyone else in the community, and hosted the first national for Brawl - and I’m here with my new UMvC3 series of events!

The first Thursday Night CLASH took place earlier this month, and I’m proud to say that with a success of the event, I’m announcing the second one now to get in before the end of the year. Thursday Night CLASH is a series of events, taking place on a weekly or biweekly basis (based on attendance, the frequency of events may change in the future) on Thursday nights at the Red Fusion Gaming Center in the Shore Mall in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. These events will be featuring Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, but may add Super Street Fighter 4 AE in the future if there is enough interest for it.

Every now and then (like every 6-8 weeks?) I plan on holding larger Saturday events with more prize money, that will be seeded from the Thursday events.

All events will be streamed on http://www.twitch.tv/vvv_chibosempai
The first event might be in hi-definition, and will include all the bells and whistles you see in quality streams, such as clear titles, good quality, player and commentator cameras, etc.

When Is It?

Thursday, December 29th, 2011. Event starts at 8:00pm EST, please be on time.


To enter Thursday Night CLASH you pay a venue fee and a entry fee. The venue goes to paying for the cost of running the tournament, renting the venue, etc. All money collected from entry fees go 100% right back to the winners.

Venue Fee - $5
Entry Fee - $5

This is less than the $15 it was for the first TNC. I hope to bring in more local entrants with the reduced price.


In the future as the series gets larger I hope to work with sponsors to get more prizes for the winners, perhaps some raffles for players in attendance and on the stream, the works. For now though, know that the entry money goes right back to the winners in the following percentage split:

1st Place - 60%
2nd Place - 30%
3rd Place - 10%

This means that say we get 25 entrants for an event, that gives a $125 prize pot (25 x 5). This means first place will win $75 (60%), 2nd place will win $37.50 (30%), and 3rd place will win $12.50 (10%).

What System?

CLASH Tournaments will be running on Xbox 360. If you bring a system for a setup discount (detailed below), make sure it is an Xbox 360 and 360 version of the game, and make sure the controller you bring to use is compatible with the Xbox 360.

Time and Tournament Operation

The event starts at 8:00pm, please be on time. It’s ok if you show up a little early at say 7:45pm, and you may practice on any set ups that are up before the event begins. Signups will start at 8:00pm and end by 8:15pm, where the bracket will then be created and started.

Brackets will be a Double Elimination style, so no one is out of the tournament until they lose twice. The first event (and maybe the next couple after that) will be seeded by location/groups, so you don’t have to play the friends you’re traveling here with in the earliest rounds if possible. There will be some rough considerations for skill seeding as well for those with major accomplishments. After that, seeding will be based off of your past CLASH tournament performance. I may be doing an ELO Ranking System for all CLASH tournament attendees, so your progress can be tracked at each event for your own information and seeding.


Rules will be your standard UMvC3 rules found at most tournaments. Winner can’t change anything, loser can. Stages are random unless otherwise agreed on. All sets are best of 3 except for Winners, Losers, and Grand Finals are best of 5.


There will be a stream for every event at http://www.twitch.tv/vvv_chibosempai


We may need a couple extra systems and games to run the event smoothly beyond what we have already. I’m going to talk to the local GameStop located next to the store about borrowing some equipment in exchange for advertising, but if that falls through we’ll probably need a couple extra systems and games. I’ll say about a week before the event here how many more I would want if possible (say, 3 extra systems and games), in which case the first 3 people (in this case, or more than 3 people if more than 3 are needed) who bring a system and game will have their venue fee waived and only have to pay the $10 entry fee, not the venue fee.

So What Do You Need To Bring?

You need to bring the money in cash to enter the event ($15 in total, unless you have a setup discount which would make it $10), your own controller to play on (Xbox 360), all your friends that love Marvel (more people makes for a better tournament!), and BRING THE HYPE!


To keep up to date with Thursday Night CLASH and other CLASH Tournaments, keep up to date with the event pages and threads here on SRK, on the CLASH Tournaments Website http://www.clashtournaments.com, and along with my:
Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/vvv_chibosempai
Twitter: @vVv_ChiboSempai
Facebook: www.facebook.com/korsakm

hey mark, its been a while…

i may come if i’m not still in boston when this rolls around.

I’ll be coming one to this.

I should be able to make it to this.

Will be there

Event is on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events/258237314239613/

And the details are now on http://www.clashtournaments.com as well now

Ill be there again… had a fun time last event. No love for 2012 yet???

I’m going to announce the next date likely at the event on the 29th.

Right now I’m thinking Jan 12th, like another 2 weeks
My thoughts on 2012 are still set on Apex as I’m a main host for it. www.apexsmash.com

cool. ima def try to make it out to this again and actually enter as well as long as i get some time to practice

For anyone at the last one, don’t worry about the time - this won’t start a half hour late like the last, my apologies. I get off work at 7, and it just so happened our website went down at 6:55 as I was getting ready to leave so I had to stay to get it back online. Also I didn’t have a lunch break that day to bring my stuff to the venue early and set up a little. I’ll be on time this time, barring any more site failures lol, it’s not a common thing, especially at that time.

So i can show up around like 7:30ish?

Sure, I should be there by then. May only be one friendly set up though at that time.

Two days left lets goooooooooo

Im 100% for this on thursday.

Will there be any Street Fighter or just Marvel?

Either way i should be there.

How long do these last?

It’s just Marvel. I may be opening these up to SF later. If and when I do a larger Saturday event it will guaranteed have SF also.

This shouldn’t last more than 2 hours. Last one ended at 10:30pm, and started a little late, not to mention it was my first one. Got held up at work last time, this time I’ll be 100% on time and can run it faster now with experience.

Alright ill be there around 7:30ish if you need help setting stuff up.

gonna be there. also gonna be prepared to have my name pronounced wrong