[Dec 28, 2011] Who You Like?!? Xanadu Long Set Series (Baltimore, MD)

Cost: $0 (Just pay the normal venue fee)

When: Every 2 weeks, starting September 21, 2011. This is not a series of long-set tournaments. This is ONE tournament (per game), which will last over the course of a couple of months.

Games: SSF4:AE, MvC3

What: A tournament of long set battles. Preliminary rounds will be FT5 sets. Top 8 will be FT7, with Grand Finals being FT10.

Post up here, with the game(s) you want to play, and I will create a full bracket. This bracket WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED. Gonna have to trust HAVamento on this one. I will announce the next match-ups, when they’re next up. Essentially, you’ll have two weeks notice when it’s your turn to play.

Depending on how much interest we get, I only want to run maybe 4 sets a week initially, with that number dwindling as the tournament progresses. This tournament will only take 1 set-up per week at Xan, leaving the rest of the venue open for casual matches. It will be like the old UMBC fight nights, for those that remember. Just a way for people to come together and practice, while still keeping some main event hype, every week.

No money is involved, aside from whatever people want to bet on the side, so this is just a good way to test your skills.

Tournaments are SINGLE ELIM, so once you’re out, you’re out.

Prize: First place in each tournament gets 3 months entry into Xanadu for free.

Xanbats, as you know them, will still take place on a bi-weekly basis, but every off week, we will have these sessions that will be largely casuals, but with this tournament taking place on the TV up front.

All sets will be capped in 720p, and upped to the Xanadu YouTube page (www.youtube.com/xanbats), for posterity. Use that as a chance to watch your games, and hopefully improve upon your performance. This goal here is to level up everybody

October 19, 2011 Matches


Shin Oni vs. Doc
Mak0t0 vs. Bartlett
BS vs. Strogg
Unknown vs. NinjaCW


Mike P vs. Richie
Derek P vs. Tyler
meep vs. Giggity

Guys, let me know ASAP, whether you’ll be able to make the matches, or not. I need to know this stuff as far in advance as possible.

Again, since you’re gonna have 2 weeks notice for your matches, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t see NoVA or even DE throwing their names in the hat.

What do you all think of character lock?

No character lock for MvC3.

AE, I’m fine with a character lock.

Also, I’m interested in both.

I’m down if i aint got college work weighin me down.

AE character lock u can do it or not im fine with either.

MvC should probably not have a character lock, but it doesnt really matter to me.

Signing up…

down like a clown

Since this is going to be a slow run event any way does that mean all matches for both games will get dat stream footage for da monsters?

That’s the plan.

so this is every other thursday?

i’m down for AE then

i kinda actually wanna play again. not sure why. if i can find a ride there ill try to make it out more.

Quick question, is Miller and Ryry going to be there for MVC3? I really enjoyed that one time Miller came down to Xanbats and blew everyone up with his Zero. I love Ryry, but Miller is on a whole new level with that shit.

So i take it this is set for thursday then since you got it for the 22nd?

add me in for SF4. I also like character lock. Forces you to learn your bad matchups if you run into them rather than running to a counterpick.

I’m in for AE and mvc3.

For us to really level up AE character lock only makes sense.

char lock is for faggots

shouldnt be punished for being able to use multiple chars

and you shouldnt be rewarded for getting lucky and landing a positive match for your char

if this is training for majors, i dont recall any majors doing char lock

Yeah, sign my brother and I (Mike and Derek) up for Marvel 3 or whatever.

Also, for the love of God, don’t match us up against each other (I despise playing him in tournies and shit).

hey whatever. Not like anyone is fun to play in SF4 anyway.

Keep character lock. The whole point of the event is for the people to do their homework and study match-ups. As lame as it sounds it does help everyone out better especially when you play someone else who uses the same character.

Marvel should have character lock, but you should have the choice to change your team order.

Unkn0wn… here to swag on niggas lol

and FUCK yea character lock, im counter pickin the fuck outta niggas

edit: as in add me for both

ADD ME…for marvel im not good enough in ae