[Dec 18, 2011] [DEC 18, 2011] Ultimate Gaming Spot (Dedham, MASS) (Dedham, MA)


Ultimate Gaming Spot @ Metro PCS
529 Providence Hwy Dedham, Ma 02026
Phone 857.247.4180


$10 Prize Fee $5 Venue

Unless otherwise stated all console tournaments will be played on Xbox 360
All singles tournaments will be standard format 2/3 games for normal matches and 3/5 for finals matches.

(note I do have 2 PS3’s available but they will probably run TTT2 Demo/HD or Arcana Hearts 3 for fun. 3rd strike and SSTHD remix are on them for any side tourney stuff)

Registration will be from 12pm-2pm
(If you are in the area prior to the tournament, you can register ANY day UGS is open.)

Tournament Games/Schedule:

King Of Fighters XIII
Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3
Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition
(Times TBD)
“Bring Your Own Stick/Pad” advised.

Anyone supplying Game Discs/Hard drive (WiFi available for updates) can get a discount on entry.

More info to come!

Gill Hustle


The date for the tournament has been postponed to SUNDAY 12/18/11

Yoooo I’m in there!

What time will SSF4AE start? Cause I get off work at 4 and I do want to attend the tournament.

might be able to make it out here


Right now for I plan on starting KOF XIII at 2pm, followed by Marvel, and then AE.

I’d like to do KOF XIII and UMVC3 together depending on KOF XIII turnout but atm, I can’t say right now turn out depending.

I have 9 Xbox 360 systems so hopefully everything goes without a hitch.

Hey Gill are you thinking about doing teams at all for AE? 2v2 would be balla.

I don’t mind if people are up to it.

I should be able to make it, this ties in nice right after GU. =D


For anybody attending, I’m making it known that I personally have 4 copies of AE, 1 copy of, KOFXIII, and 1 copy of UMVC3.

I would have liked to have as many as needed, but the fact is I’m broke. Now I am asking friends to help by bringing in their personal copies to meet demand but at the same time I have to plan for everything.

So if anyone has said copies of games for XBOX and supplies them for the tourney I will follow the usual standard of waiving venue fee.

That is all.

I should be going, and I will bring my AE disc if I do.

Thanx Blue!

BTW, have you switched to Feng Shui yet? I’m glad I chose it in AE.

I wouldn’t say I “switched”, but I am at least going to use it (for some matchups) this time around!

Here are the results of Top 3 for Sundays Tournament for SSF4 AE 2012 and UMVC3


1st. WeirdoNeo:



Tay 1




1st. Cheeseburger:



Eric Forman


Brain Box Amish Mike

Not enough entrants for KOF XIII which saddens me people . . . however a lot did get casuals in so that was cool, maybe next time.

was lookin for these