[Dec 10, 2011] The Fight Before Christmas AE,UMVC3,3S,KOF13 and more!(Milwaukee,WI)

Romine’s High Pockets Milwaukee,WI December 10th 2011 The Fight Before Christmas! SSF4AE UMVC3,MK9,KOF13,AH3,Tekken Tag HD and 3S!

WHERE:Romine’s High Pockets 6125 S. 27th St. Milwaukee,WI

WHEN: Saturday December 10th 2011 Event begins 1PM

VENUE FEE: FREE that’s right I said FREE!

GAMES BEING PLAYED: UMVC3 (XBOX360) SuperSF4AE (XBOX360) 3rdStrike(XBOX360) Tekken Tag HD KOF13(XBOX360)(PS3) Arcana Heart 3 (PS3) MK9

REGISTRATION FEE Is 10 dollars for Super SF4AE and $5 for all other games.

OTHER DETAILS: This is a 18 and up venue. This is a B.Y.O.C.(Bring Your Own Controller) event. If needed there may be a stick or 2 able to be borrowed if need be. Registration is $10 for AE and $5 for all other games. Event will start at 1pm Actual tourney will begin around 3pm this gives people time to get to the venue as well as time for casuals before the tourney. Casuals will be played after the tourney concludes as well.

ATTENTION: It is strongly recommended that you bring your own controller to this event. We can provide a controller if absolutely necessary. When we call your match you MUST be ready to play your match or face disqualification. This is to ensure that the tournament is run in a timely manner.

IMPORTANT NOTES: This is an 18+ venue. If under 18 you will need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian. If you are under 21 and try to purchase alcohol at the bar you will be asked to leave and banned from attending future events here. If you are 21 and up and try to purchase alcohol for someone under 21 you will be asked to leave and banned from future events. Please feel free to PM me with any questions you may have. Super SF4 and MVC3 will be ran on 360. Tekken 6 and Arcana Heart 3 will be ran on PS3.

There is absolutely NO outside food or drink allowed in the venue. There are plenty of food and drink options inside of the venue. There is even a Mexican restaurant located on site that is very good.

Also, please bring your own controllers! I can’t stress this enough. If you absolutely must borrow a stick I have an extra you can use. If you need adapters etc. you will have to bring your own. I want this tournament to run in a timely manner so it is very important that matches aren’t being held up by others borrowing other people’s equipment.

Tournament Rules:It’s best 2 out of 3 matches. It’s double elimination and you have to win 2 matches against your opponent. Winner keeps the character loser can change characters and ultras. Prize payout is 70/20/10

Super SF4 is played 2/3 rounds Tekken 6 is 3/5 rounds. MVC3 is 2 out of 3 matches.

Winners, Losers and Grand finals are best 3 out of 5 matches.

fix the date in your text and the facebook post you made cuz its for salty sunday, although only a moron would get confused by it

I forgot ooops lol.

And wash your goddamn hands.

Who all is going to enter KOF13?


I’ll see if I can make it.

If peeps can bring setups that would be great!

hopefully i get a stick this week to practice kof 13 on, either way ill enter

You can borrow one of my TE’s on Tuesday so you can practice.

I’m good for at least one Asus. And my kof team will bring it.

I’ll bring a setup as well.

umvc3 is only $5??? :(. what time does umvc3 start? as well as third strike, if its going to happen

UMVC3 will be whatever people want. I’m going to take a vote on it. If I make it $10 that may prevent people from entering other games. I’m going to see what everyone wants. I am going to start 3S at 2 more than likely and run KOF alongside 3S. AE will start after one of those 2 tourneys finish and I am running Ultimate last because Chicago peeps are coming out for it but won’t be at the tourney until later.

I might come to this. What time do you expect MK to start?

To be perfectly honest with you I’m not sure. The last few tourneys it’s just been casuals because not enough people showed for it to run a bracket. Somebody did call me yesterday about so hopefully we can run it. I’m going to make a post on TYM in hopes it brings people out for it.

Saturday’s tournament is featured in the Cue section of the Journal Sentineltoday. We OFFICAL again!

I can’t make this sadly due to my exam being rescheduled to saturday morning. I feel so sad that I can’t make this, FUCK HISTORY 378!

We are also going to need power strips and power strips and power strips and power strips and power strips. If a few people can bring one that would be great. I’m anticipating having a lot of setups for Saturday so we will definitely need them.

i have 2 i can bring