DeathZeroZX's Shirt Designs(NEW FS Brawler Girl Design)

Hey everyone, DZ here again. This time it’s not fightstick templates but mock ups of some T shirt designs i’ve been brewing up. I’ve started production of the Scrub Talk Tees, see link below.

Update: Scrub Talk Tee is now available! Head over to my thread in Trading Post here: FS: FighterSelect Apparel tees (NOW SHIPPING WORLDWIDE)

While you’re there don’t forget to vote for the next shirt design to be made!

Or head directly to my online shop here: aXoApparel- Shirts by aXo

NEW Save the Arcade Scene! Tee

Executioner Tee

Girls Chun Tee

Balrog Tee Black

Balrog Tee Royal Blue

Shadaloo Propaganda Black UPDATED

Honda’s Bath House

Equalizer Tee

Keep Calm and…

Scrub Talk Tee

Comments are welcome =)

Not bad…

I want 1 of each lol

Lol well If I could have all these printed I totally would. I guess I’ll put a poll on here and see which shirt gets the most votes, and from there I can determine if I would take preorders.

I’ll take the Scrub talk tee, the other are SF related so no interest for me. $15-$17 would be a day one buy for me.

to be honest I would have to sell these around $20-$25 range mainly because I wouldn’t get them printed on anything lesser than American Apparel Tees and those don’t come cheap


Updated first post with Scrub Talk tee info

If I had the money I’d buy the Bathhouse and the beatdown tees :tup:

I had an idea for one

[SIZE=4]You Lose[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]Then on the back[/SIZE]

Haha id be so pissed if someone beat me and walked away with that message on their back

I’ve also added a new Girls Chun Tee design =)

Cool, will preorder your shirt $20 is doable.

Im down for a scrub tee

Ok. I’m gonna get a quote on the shirts and then see how soon I can get them. I’ll message you and the answer when I post a new thread for preorder in the trading outlet

why does shadowloo shirt have YY symbols on them? and 2 of them :frowning:

there are 2 because it was inspired by old propaganda posters that relied heavily on symmetry. And I am led to believe that bison digs the symbols because s.i.n. is actually a weapons department for shadaloo and Seth was intended to be created for bisons new body to harness his full psycho power. But I suppose I’ll have to rework the design

I just thought it looked weird. YY is associated with inner peace and not so much psycho crushering

…yeh I wouldn’t look at Ono’s design choices for inspiration. They seem to be inspired more out of humour and craziness than anything else

That chun li one would be awesome as a kids tee :tup:

I’d prefer older chicks wear that chun shirt. Wish I had a more curvy shirt template for that too lol.

sup dude, i’m down for a red scrub talk and the equalizer shirt is fucking QUALITY