Dear Lazy New Jersey Players, (And surrounding areas)

Three tournaments have happened this week. It’s your fucking obligation to ensure the scene for this game thrives by showing up. Get out of your Power Ranger PJs, close the fucking streams down, and get your asses out to the events, before they stop happening.

Midwest and Southern players would kill for the scene we have, and you squander it with your laziness. GET OUT OF YOUR DAMN HOUSES.

Love always,

(Seriously, less than 30 unique entrants for three events. FOH.)

Wish I was back home in Morris County man I’d be all over the place, stuck down here in Orlando,FL area waiting on CEO events from Mr. Jebailey every year :frowning:

At least CEO 2012 is soon! I agree 100% wit you though bro people gotta get out there and I know for a FACT that Jersey has a shit load of players just sitting around at home, good shit callin them out.

This New Jersey resident has a 9-5 (read: 9-7) job, a strict workout regimen, and no car :confused: . I’ll be at Stickbug next week (hopefully) and ECT, but weekday events are not going to happen for me.

But the point is clear; don’t let this game become the next Blazblue.

Did you make this thread because the MvC3 spot at Local Battles is up for grabs due to poor turnout?

Yeah, sure did. In the Skullgirls forum. smfh

No: I made this because the highest entry I’ve seen for the game is 12 people so far. COME ON.

I wish there was a weekly tournament in Los Angeles.

Isn’t WNF in LA? Is Alex not running Skullgirls?

As far as I know they just play casuals on the side at WNF/TRB. I was hoping they would add a skullgirls tournament. Maybe they will in the future.

You showing up to the casuals at WNF then?

Yeah, it’ll remain casuals until there’s proof it’s more than flavor of the week. You don’t get spots free, you earn them, prove there’s a scene strong enough to have that spot. KoF scene worked their asses off to get where they are.

I can make it to the tuesday tourny at 6:30. I cannot make it to the 8 on the run, because that starts WAY too late, and ends even later. It’s over an hour drive to that store, and I have work at 8:30 in the morning. being home by 4am doesn’t cut it

Three events in one week, when two are on the same night (and one was simply a dick move anyway) is asking a bit much of a fledgling community. Instead of lamenting the community for not showing up (I had work two of those nights) you should be happy we have three chances to show up to such events, but at the same time this isn’t entirely a good thing. We should really pick one event and stick it with for consistency.

That being said I don’t feel like going to the break for Skullgirls because I guarantee the numbers will drop or Jaxel will stop running it. It’s the farthest out of the way for most of us as well, and they finish far too late for it to be even viable to many of us.

I will talk to a local gaming lounge to see if they’re open on the weekends, they may be able to make matters more convenient.

Really we’re at a loss right now until we get forums up on the official site.

What? You don’t need official forums, you can bang that shit out right now, no reason to wait.

I mean like a regional forum section. For sure we could do that on SRK but it wouldn’t be primarily for SG.

Eh, why not I’ll go check the NJ thread we have now.

NYC resident here, stuck upstate for school right now. I’ll be attending whatever goes down over the summer, assuming I can find a ride.

Hmm… maybe if I can borrow someones car to get out there one week. Also, is there anything stopping people from doing a single elim tourney for like $1-2? Just something cheap (especially since its single elim) and easy/quick to manage. Get some competition going there.

Also, I remember watching The Break this week, and they were trying to get a $10 dollar buy-in for that? I thought that was a little nuts. Give the scene a bit more time to build up and get confident before you raise the stakes lol. Glad to hear they dropped it to $5 though. Hope that actually made the difference for entries.

They wanted 5 for SG.

They all looked ultra free to you anyway, I like me over everyone else you played too lol

Vinco was good. I’m not sure you would have won, since Peacock/double generally beats para. IMO.

Oh I agree.

Vinco beating me is a different story, but that’s cool now I can study matches haha