Dealing with Yun

I main Dudley. But when an opponent is losing with a character, and he switches up to Yun, I immediately pick Chun. I know this is a bad match-up for Chun-Li. But I feel like it would be worse for Dudley. As at least with Chun-Li, her b. fierce will stuff the dive kicks and deal some decent damage to Yun.

Either way, once he gets his pressure going, that’s where it starts to get crazy. It’s like Makoto’s pressure, except Yun doesn’t have to score knock down to achieve it.

Here’s how I’ve been handling fighting Yun so far: Playing patient with Chun. I’ve noticed some Yun’s can be really button happy, which allows me to land that coveted low forward late cancel into SA2. And, of course, her b. f, if well timed, will stuff his dive kicks UNLESS he gets them started. They’re also difficult to parry if the Yun is varying them.

Anyway, even with Dudley, I’d like some advice on how to handle him. With almost every character in the game, I at least know how to approach them (except for maybe getting knock down against Makoto, or Twelve because I hardly come across them).

I can still beat mid-level Yun’s with my Chun. But, 90% of the time, it’s going to have to be me picking Chun if I want to get the win against a Yun. My primary Dudley, and secondary Yang aren’t cutting it against him.

So I humbly come to you, SRK, for advice.

The Dudley/Yun matchup is in Dudley’s favor. Dudley’s normals beats Dive Kick clean. He has good keepaway skills and can force Yun to come to him if he has to. But that’s not really playing Dudley to his fullest. Dudley’s strength is getting that knockdown and controlling the fight with his many, many options.

I’m getting this impression from your problem: You’re at about mid-screen range from Yun, you press a button, and he knew it and just beats the shit out of you because his button pressing is that much better. That, or you just don’t know how to deal with Dive Kicks and his setups thereafter.

There really isn’t a set thing you can do, because in 3S no two players play exactly alike. Best you can get is general advice.

What I learned against Yun as Alex anyway and I think it applies to 90% of the cast too. Don’t press buttons thinking he’s going to do something. I’m not trolling when I say that because a lot of people have that problem. You’re trying to get in, but you think he’s going to do something so you go for a good poke or a Special, and Wham he’s got ya’. Just walk in, parry, time you’re attacks. Try to figure out which of your characters pokes are really good against Yun. I would imagine Dudley’s stHK, tMK, and possibly HP are good enough pokes.

Keep in mind one thing about playing online: Every character has at least one thing that becomes obscenely good online with even slight lag. The Twins are not excluded, their Dive Kicks become even better online. I’ve seen it happen so many times where they just do Dive Kicks at any range, they’re not even doing the right setup for the 123 or rekka followup, and they do it anyway or they jump again. It’s difficult to punish that online.

Corner that Yun. Some good mix ups with whiffed pokes and random throws are enough to cause damage. If he watches your spacing game, he might try>lunging punch(LP) or ex dragon kicks to escape from the corner. Tap down for a low parry and grab/poke just in case on wake up. Chun-Li’s kara grab comes handy.

Parry that dive kick and punish with a combo, for example your BnB,c.MK->SA2 for Chun-Li. Chun-Li’s HK or B+fierce stop dive kicks , so its easier to defend without much risk. Dudley’s ex uppercut is also useful here either as a counter or a punish move. Or just land a fat combo after a parried dive kick.

empty jump ex-upper

works 100% of the time 50% of the time

anyway on a serious note, jab that bitch out of the air

I’m not trying to flame you, but your first mistake is pussying out with the counter pick.

Really though you should post this in the Dud subforum.

Yun doesn’t even do that much damage. Dud has one of the best anti air games as far as dealing with dive kick. Just get a knockdown, and you should win. Yun has shitty wakeup options.

Dudley is the scariest character after a knock down, sigh.

You’re defeating yourself mentally. You automatically assume that you can’t win with Dudley, so you switch to Chun. You haven’t even given yourself a fair chance to learn the match up. The solution is to stop being mentally weak and learn the match up with Dudley.

Stop being WEAK!

Dudley is one of the better characters to use against Yun because of his huge damage, great mixups and solid antiairs honestly.
Just avoid running in to his cr.mks to much and don’t press to many buttons when you’re not up close. Remeber he ducks st.fp and f+fp.

If the Yun plays at a pretty rapid pace be a bit more awkward. If he’s real jerky with his movements, get up close and try figure out a distance for each of your normals so that you can use them in sequence to create a “flow”. Once you’ve got your 1st sequence, assuming they’re all pretty tight links, you can rock paper scissors Yun to death with Dudley simply because your individual normals do more damage than his non-target combos and Dudley can ultimately take more damage. This is a good way to get in touch with your normals, his normals, your recovery stages, his recovery stages, which distances are most common and most importantly that a Yun that isn’t running away isn’t a yun you necessarily need to be afraid. Unless it’s mine. c:

If you want to win with perfects, then listen to everyone else but personally I think the best way to learn this game is to learn where you CAN be hit firstly and worry about places where you can’t get hit later. Learn then polish. Don’t look to buy that shit shiny. That shine won’t make it play/work/run any better, it’ll just get you a few props and maybe some likes if you paste it on facebook.

-Standing strong is perfect against all dive kicks that aren’t short dive kick.

-Up close dive kicks can be walked into to net you some frame advantage. You’d basically be walking into his dive kick and getting hit in the face, you’ll recover before he hits the ground and as he is recovering from his dive kick attack you get a free roundhouse xx ex mgb, mgb, walk up toward forward into uppercut.

-Using Dudley’s toward strong a bit beyond Yun’s low forward distance is a good way to close in on him. Getting past the low forward range without a jump is tough, but this strong punch is very helpful because it hides the lower parts of his hurtbox(where Dudley can be hit i.e. his ankles) behind a really awkward hitbox (what Dudley can hit you with his fists.)

-Low parry before trying a wakeup mix up on Yun is good, IMO, because unless your attack is ridiculously slow or you’re too close when you low parry, Yun can’t really do anything on wake up to mess with you. If he wakes up with DP kicks/ EX kicks, you’ll crouch it and be allowed to punish. If he grabs, too far and sometimes you’ll notice that grabs can be crouched. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve been playing this game a long time and I have seen many an instance where one player crouched another’s grab. If he wakes up with a normal, very unlikely that it’d be one of the slower high attacks then again Yun’s slow attacks are among some of the faster attacks in the game. If he goes low you parry.

-If you aren’t feeling confident, whenever you see a yun jump just crouch and tap forward at the very last minute to parry their attack. You can add an attack or regular action to the end of the tap forward if you want to punish the jump or you can not do anything and confirm that you have parried the attack and then react. I added that last bit because empty jumps are much more common in 3s than in sfSn4re. This is an MOV technique. It’s a good way to limit your guessing. Learning the jump animations for most characters is a good idea when using this technique because it helps you distinguish what is regular jump frontflip animation versus the start of a jump front flip being cancelled into an attack’s animation.

Also, don’t forget to try and dash under him when he jumps once in a while. Yun’s will neutral jump right in front of you during mix ups and this is the perfect time to decide whether or not you wanna walk/dash/command dash under em, or walk up a bit just enough to get hit in the face and combo them out of recovery.

This is all very unorthodox advice but it’s helped me beat many a top level Yun.

Now that I read back…

I think maybe I should’ve just stayed quiet

Dander, just to relieve you, Dudley has mastered Hokuto Shinken, “Omae wa mo shindeiru!” But, Yun has no dignity!Proof?

(right before the fight)
[LEFT]Dudley: “I have mastered the best fighting art in the anime history, Hokuto ShinKen![/LEFT]
Omae wa mo shindeiru!:nunchuck:”
[LEFT]Yun: “Time to show off a little!”[/LEFT]
(After a match of spammed dive kicks, kara fierces and palms…)
Dudley: "Impossible!:mad: Hokuto ShinKen is Invisible!YOU ARE CHEAP!"
Yun: "Cheap?! I paid a lot for this hat.:china:"
Dudley: ":wtf:…You have no dignity!"
Yun: “I’d rather rave than misbehave. :yawn:Later…(goes away skating…)”

Thank you all for the advice. It’s good to know more Dudley tricks against Yun, mainly against his dive-kicks and lows.

I never thought of walking into his dive kick to get frame advantage. That’s pretty crafty.