Dealing with very particular annoying stuff thread

I’m sorry if there’s already a thread or something for this, if so please guide me to it.

So Ive been going around here, maybe I could find it on testyourmight, but I cant seem to find how to deal with very character specific annoying things.

So here’s my little list, maybe you can help me.

  1. The Kabal dash cancel block thing
  2. Reptile’s non existent recover on his dash
  3. Nightwolf’s non existent recovery on his dash

I use Johnny Cage btw, with sides of Liu kang and Stryker.
I’m no scrub either at the game, but just because the training mode is rather bad, as it doesnt let me record bots doing these things, I cant figure out how to deal with them. Any help guys?

  1. it’s a mix up, he can do alot of different thiongs, he can do a low, an overhead, a throw or another dash, you have to guess correctly.
  2. it’s punishing by fast special or normal, online the lag, makes it a little harder to hit though.
  3. nightwolfs dash only hits high, you can spam low pokes and he will just should ram into them, or if you just crouch WITHOUT blocking it will also whiff., beware of his ex charge as that has armor and hits mid.

No, you see as johnny cage, as I only ran into good kabals with him, once they start the dashing block string, there’s NOTHING I can do. Or maybe because I havent had enough training time against this I havent found it yet. I’m talking about kabal’s some kinda string, I think its the one where he takes a big step forward, into dash, then cancel, then into that same string over and over. It feels like im in an infinite block frame trap.

Thanks for the other tips.

It’s not an infinite block loop- it used to be, but that has been patched, you have enough time to poke or jump out of it, depending on what he links after it. again, online lag, may make your reaction time slower.

The main thing I’m having an issue with, is simply the mk9 wakeup game, when your opponent has you on the ground, it just seems to me that the situation is heavily in his favor, to the point where breaking is pretty much your only salvation.

Repeating safe block strings just seems to beat out pretty much anything you have the option to do.

I would disagree, waking up is the reason why they made that the only time alot of moves have invincibility.

Ever character has certain moves that gain invunerable frames when done as a wake-up attack. not every move is a true wake up attack.

for example-

Kano’s upball is not a true wake up attack, even if you do it during wake up, it’ll saw it was a wake up attack, but the move has no invincibility at all, it may still work becuase it’s so fast but it can get stuffed… whereas Kano’s choke is a true wake up attck and will blow through attacks since it has invunerable frames.

understanding which moves your character has that are true wake up attacks will help you in oki games.

Interesting I know that the wakeup invincibility grants 8 frames right? Is there any frame data on moves yet? Also, is it just specials our could yuo say, wakeup uppercut?

No, only special moves.

Wtf. This is like my thread. I use JC as well.