Dealing with Spidey's self unblockables

How do you deal with Spidey’s self unblockable setups. They’re simply unreal hard to deal with. He simply jumps on you and unless you have haggar assist you’re forced into eating the unblockable. If you try to knock him out of it he simply resopnds with his own lariat aka spider sting.

Self unblockable?

I’m calling it that because it happens so fast that it’s practically unblockable in terms of reacting to it consistently. Basically, when he starts switching from overheads to lows at an incredibly rapid rate when he’s on top of you. He seems to be able to negate push blocking as well because after one push block he’s immediately back on you (I think by using his zipline move). If you try to push block and punish you usually get spider stinged.

It’s not actually fast. Spidey’s overheads are quite easy to react to compared to Mag/Nova tri-jumps because the zip has a bit of start up time. At the expense of having a slow start, Spidey’s zip overheads are resistant to pushblocks and you can get to change the number of overhead inputs you do. Adding assists makes for some good fuzzies too.

The problem with Spidey’s zip is that it isn’t easy to control when in midscreen and it will usually hop over crouching opponents. Even if you get a few overheads in, it’s very hard to get a confirm because of the zip’s momentum. Good assist calls are the needed to convert any stray hits you get.

As for dealing with it, it’s similar to reacting to overheads from other characters. Grounded web ball xx zips are quite unsafe though if done without proper spacing so make sure you punish with a quick normal while the zip projectile is yet to hit an object.

Wait, are we talking about Spider-man doing some lows and cancelling into a grounded up-forward web zip, or him doing in air web-zip down into you in the corner? Raoh pretty much covered web zips on the ground, and a lot of what he said is the same for the air web zip too. It really isn’t that fast or hard to block as long as you are aware that he has the option to do it. In the air, web zip still has a bit of start-up so you might get the opportunity to chicken guard if you see it coming. I think you can get some space if you push block at the right time, like right after you block the j.H or j.S. I’m not 100% sure so you might have to set the dummy to make it zip on you and go for lows, but I think push blocking them at that moment would give you a little more room once Spidey lands so his cr.L whiffs or the cr.M doesn’t reach if the cr.L hits. Also, depending on your team, it might be a good idea to do a crossover counter. If you really think you need to get out of that corner, I’m pretty sure you can even X-factor after you block the j.H or j.S to punish him.