Dealing with people ABOVE your head

Sup dudes, I’m a pretty good player who just switched to using Hawkeye as my anchor. I have most of his combos and zoning down pretty well. I have one major problem.

How the heck do I get people off of me, specifically people that are coming in from above?

I know the short answer is “don’t let them get in, in the first place” which is fair but there are instances when that isn’t gonna be the case i.e teleporters and people already on you when Hawkeye enters.

I already know Gimlet xx xfactor

The best thing I could think of was :ub: H. or :df:H (to slide under and try to escape) or :qcb:M (for the same purpose)

Are there any better things that I’m missing? btw please don’t suggest any of his DP specials, as those are definitely to slow to react to someone who is already in striking range of you

airthrow, dp special to force block and then super scatter shot to push them out

slide under, then begin upbacking immediately

but mostly airthrow.

It’s range dependent, but there are many tools.

  • Super Scatter works wonders against airborne characters without air teleports/8-way airdash/hard drive, and will push them ~fullscreen
  • Against a character that isn’t directly next to you or on top of you, you can do Exploding Arrow XX Gimlet (Exploding will cover Gimlet recovery and put you at an advantage)
  • Slide under and QCB+L (or QCB+H if you want to get fancy with double cross shenanigans)

But at a certain height, j.H destroys almost every opponent option. That move has a godlike hitbox above the bow, so if the opponent SJs to get in, you can j.H into arrows with impunity. The only moves that scare me are Frank’s diveknee and Sentinel herpderp, but I’m not sure if that’s because I’ve been outprioritized consistently or because I just remember dying every time I timed/spaced it wrong.

The ST M is AMAZING for anti air!!! It’s hit box hits in front and directly above him. I agree on Jump F but if you catch the jump in a split second late…his ST M is VERY quick and upon hit can be used to force block…This has been my go to Anti for some time now…try it!!

All of the aove plus if you don’t mind learning him Haggar is amazing for Hawkeye adn the same the other way around.