Dealing with bums/homeless people

Srsly. I need some halp.

So theres this burger place like near my house that I love going to late at night because I have the munchies but I notice that all around my city theres quite a bit of bums.

I’m originally from North Carolina so there might have been a few here or there every once in a while. Down here (Atlanta) they are everywhere, they even get on the subway to beg how they do it I have no idea. Bums will walk around the DRIVE THROUGH at resturants asking for money. Also I’ve noticed there are a lot of gay bums in atlanta, creepy dirty men who imply that they will do disgusting girl things to you for money, lets just assume these people have the AIDS virus too.

And they always want a stupid amount of money with stupid ass lies. Like “aye can i get 50 cents I just wanna get a hamburger”

I dunno. Its so many of them here I dont feel bad anymore, but I still dont know how to respond to these people because they make me uncomfortable. Like I used to say “I dont have cash” but then last night the idiot goes “how are you buying food”, and instantly I realized he didnt want a burger because if that were the case it didnt matter how I paid for it, none the less what do you New Yorkers do or any other city with lots of aggressive homeless bums?

Ignore? Blow them off?

Headphones dont work, they will try to touch you. Cars dont work, they will walk up to your window.

I have a friend that shoos them off like wild animals with “GET! …SHOO!..GONE!” (and stuff like that) and I dont have enough confidence for that but it seems to work and they get angry.

Its just hard to feel bad for bums, when lots of people are in a struggle these days. Many people are a paycheck from being homeless themselves, why homeless people think that people who have money are much better off is ridiculousness.

EDIT: I’m off to get a burger, I’ll take pictures if I get approached by any scary bums.

If you see them walking up to you, before they open their mouth, ask them if they have any spare change for a burger. Most won’t know what the hell to do then.

Then what happens when he watches me order my food? They kinda hang around this area. Most bums arent idiots, they are bums.

I’d probably catch one off guard, but is there anything you can really do to shoo a bum off? I’m not used to this.

grow balls and tell them to fuck right off

According to South Park, the one thing you should never do is give them money since it’ll just bring around more of them. What I usually do is when a homeless person asks me for change, I just say “sorry I only carry credit card.” And proceed to get the fuck outta there.

Yah yu doo…:eek:

I have a piece of paper that looks like a dollar bill on one side, when rolled up.

When unrolled, it’s a white piece of paper that says simply “take a shower and get a job you bum”

I know it doesn’t do much since most of the homeless who aren’t in the shelters and trying to make something of their lives are the ones who are happy scouring the world for unfinished cigarettes/recyclables and eating other people’s leftovers.

Just ignore them, man. Bums be bums. Begging and being ignored is already their accepted role in life.

i’ll never understand why bums never even attempt to commit sucide. i mean what exactly is there to live for when you have absolutely nothing?

In NYC most homeless people aren’t aggressive they just sit with their backs against buildings holding up cardboard signs with sob stories. I usually just give them a dollar. Even if you’re making minimum wage sparing a dollar isn’t going to be the cause of you not being able to pay rent and I’m sure it means a lot to them.

I live in NYC myself. Most of them chill in manhattan at 14th street. make so much money panhandling.

Like my old man tells me. “Beggin’s the best business in the world. All profit, no losses”

It’s funny though when they complain they are hungry. I pass’em some grub I have that’s unopened. “No. Gimme money”

LOL. Nope.

A lot of sign-holding ‘bums’ are cons. In downtown Chicago, you always see certain people holding out the exact same sign with the exact same lie on it to trick unsuspecting tourists and those not familiar with the area. There is this one woman that always holds out a sign in which claims her purse, identification and medications were stolen on a train. This bitch has been doing it on the same block (tends to shift the street every day) for over a year and she’s always wearing different clothes. Of course, there are also many real bums that hold signs everyday, but I think people should think twice before they give money to them.

It also pisses me off when I see college students buying food for bums. Your parents put up thousands to put you through school, yet you are spending money on bums because you think it’s some kind of righteous act. It’s not.

EDIT: Before anybody says I’m a uncompassionate asshole, I do consulting work for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation so I deal with issues of urban poverty and community development all the time. It just rubs me the wrong way when I see people giving out hand outs and believe they are somehow making the world and themselves better.

Just ignore them but watch out for the ones with magic powers.

Um…you cant ignore an Atlanta bum. They grab your attention by getting close to you. Sometimes they try to grab you.

“Skue meh (excuse me) Skue meh sir…skue meh…hey skue meh…u gotta coupla dollaz”

I need to level up. Then again, I think some of yall are full of shit. Bums also stick together in packs. I wouldnt tell one to fuck off when his 3 bum friends are around.

All the homeless people I see look like shit sleeping in their own filth so I doubt they’re faking it although you can’t really ever know for sure. Anyways, it’s stupid to not give money to a homeless guy just because there’s a chance they’re conning you.

Yeah it pisses me off too. How dare people be even slightly concerned for the well being of another human?!?!?!?! So what if one’s parent’s spend money on them? That shouldn’t deter people from feeding a nigga damn. You’re statement makes no sense.

So someone making another’s world a tiny bit less shitty pisses you off? Obviously people shouldn’t perform acts of kindness just to score points with God, but that doesn’t mean everyone shouldn’t try to at least occasionally help others for decency’s sake.

if they’re asking for money just say no and move on. its very easy. for some reason its easy to tell when someones about to ask you for money. something about the way they approach you and their body language and the way they say “excuse me…” so you just let them ask for money and firmly say “NO”. keep practicing and you’ll get better.

if they’re being rude to you, don’t bother picking fights, they are homeless and probably on drugs so take pity. last night i was out with my girl and some homeless woman rudely walked past her and yelled at her, “OUTTA MY WAY”. i just pulled my girl to the side and let the hobo walk by. the homeless woman didn’t do anything else and then mumbled shit to herself, so i let it go. cause not worth going to jail for decking a homeless woman in the jaw.

make em work for their earnings

my boy paid a bum 3 dollars to do the robot

“I said a dollar bitch!” throws sandwich


I used to deal with old ass heroin addict bums in Baltimore.

You just gotta let your asshole genes come through. I’m not about to give any money to a fiend. lol

I went to school on the poorer half of the city, so whenever I’d get lunch after school or with friends, we’d have 1-3 beggars at Rally’s or Burger King. I usually just said “Lemme buy my food and I’ll give ya the change”. I mean, I lose the coins usually anyways, and it’s only like 20-70 cents, so whatever even if I managed to keep track of it. If it’s someone who genuinely needs it, great. If they don’t, no loss to me.

Now that I’m in college, on my own half of the city, restaurants seem so quiet and empty without the beggars…which I’m entirely fine with.