Dealing with backdashers?

A good friend of mine plays on hitbox, backdashing is easy fo him so he uses it a lot. It’s not mindless backdashing per se, he mixes things up. But it’s still very annoying =(

How do you stop opponent’s backdashes during blockstrings as Ken? It effectivly shuts up my throw game. And 8frame sweep is to slow for backdash OSes on many chars.

Found the answer myself - more low blockstrings =) Xian explains here (using Akuma though) on a 7:40 mark:


OS sweep works wonderful after EX tatsu.

Looking for a way to OS a backdash after my opponent blocks FA2. Sweep is too short when the max distance is involved =(

you can also option select ex tatsu step kick u2 or thunder kick

delayed when spaced properly is a good tool to hit people that try to wakeup with normals or with poor backdashes

focus backdashes on the other hand will be a nightmare

Rose cough

Damn annoying.