Dealextreme knockoff buttons and sticks

Thought i’d post this in here in case anyone wanted to try these out

I’ve ordered other stuff from them and they’re decent enough, parts appear to be BaoLian knockoffs, don’t know about the quality of the buttons. The stick appears to be knockoff of Sanwa JLW-TM-8. Probably better off just going with legit parts, but you never know, might be worth a shot for something to mess around with.

BaoLian knockoffs are garbage. Everything.

Oh good, now i can save money by combining shipping on crappy arcade parts and sea monkeys together.:pleased:

i haven’t bought legit parts before and i think those look crummy XD. Idk maybe someone will buy a couple of these parts and do a review? hmm…

The price wasn’t even cheap.

the sticks are $5 off and like a $1 off for the buttons. SOME BARGAIN! Well maybe the buttons because those things add up XD

haha yeah, by the time you get these and then realize “Ah shit” you could have just bought the legit stuff for not much more. So i’ll make this a retroactive “Buyer beware” post to say avoid this stuff.
Have you looked through some of the random stuff they have on this site though? some pretty crazy items hidden in there.

lol if i ever get some extra cash (if any at all) i’ll test out some of them. probably a waist of time and money though

yeah thats a really good excuse to buy this:


I’ve ordered from Dealextreme in the past. Their stuff just comes down to a bunch of junk thats really cheap but you wouldn’t really buy. I’ve bought a couple of parts to repair my DS and a knockoff gamecube controller which I was pretty happy with compared to the price. The thing is the shipping could take anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 months

LMAO! That’s Hilarious!

o_o, they look like pieces of crap

They didn’t even bother getting shitty pictures of them to make it look nicer, you can see it’s cheapo plastic at first glance. It’s crap and yeah if you compare it to akihabashop’s pricing it’s almost the same, except the sticks. This deal is not so ExTReME.