Deadpool combos using taunt button

Hello does any one have any combos that uses the taunt button with deadpool?
His taunt actually counts as a hit . I was able to get combos like
Cl,m,h, Taunt hyper .

Cl,m,h,S, mm,h,s Vergil assist , taunt hyper …

It would be cool to experiment with the taunt button

to swag on nerds i end combos with superxfcteleport taunt xx super…

Maybe this would help.

Uhh you can cancel into it from any normal and cancel out of it to launcher or any special iirc.
I know I use it in the BnB sometimes between a knockdown and a kata/chimi.
c.lmhs sj.mmhs dash taunt DP+HxxH QCF+HxxH QCB+H QCF+AA

You can also do it after the Changa wall bounce right before you hyper if your in the corner, or dash up to them (if you’re not in the corner) and then Taunt >HHT