Dead TE joystick

I’m here to mourn my TE joystick :frowning: I bought it in November and it worked well till today, when it finally broke. I saw the message “reconnect controller” on the screen and the joystick was dead. What to do now? How long is the warranty? I’m surprised anyway, I always kept it at home, just played Street Fighter… and today it suddenly stopped working while testing some strategies to contrast Yun’s zesshou with my Gen… ahhahah… if Yun did this to my joystick… well, that’s scary :stuck_out_tongue:

fix it yourself (if possible) you have to look at the PCB, possibly one of the USB wires came loose off it and require resoldering. Or sell it as spare parts, plenty of modders would buy the shell and the butotons/joystick.

Warranty is generally 90 days. I would say possibly a damaged USB cable would cause it to have that kind of problem, that’s usually my first go-to when I see that problem. You could look at this video to repair it yourself, or have a modder repair it for you:

thanks for help… I’ll try that out…

Is it a 360 TE? If so, I’d look at replacing the breakaway cable first and see if that solves the problem. They’re pretty cheap on eBay.

Actually, I have a dead ps3 (dual modded) TE that I want to get rid of. The only thing it’s missing is the joystick itself. Everything else is all in place. Just a dead stick.