Dead Stick

Ive had my Custom Happ Pelican Real Arcade stick for about a year, and not too long ago i was in the middle of playing mvsc2, and i would get a “Controller not plugged in, please plug it in and press start” message (like what happens when your controller disconnects) :confused:

anyway i would get that message and then go away. :confused:

Until the xbox didnt recognize it anymore, and it wouldnt play :annoy:

any thoughts? :looney:

you gotta be shittin me im havin this same problem too and FRX is next weekend :sad:

oh crap, same exact thing?

Throw out the PCB and wire it up to a PS pad.

That’s what you should’ve done in the first place because the PCBs on those things are garbage.

ps dualshock?
which one specifically

i have to find a new controller then and yeah mine was doin the same thing then it just died. funny thing was when it was in the process of dying it started acting funnier depending on if i was texting or not lol

Spiffyshoes Solderless A1 series is best.