Dead PS2 ?

A friend from work just told me that her ps2 died, yesterday there was a T-Storm and there was a blackout, light came around this morning and she noticed that her PS2(slim) did have the red light up, so she asked me if the ps2 can be fixed, i said i don’t think so, but i’ll ask, so i ask you guys, the ps2 is dead right??

This happened to a friend of mine a year ago and his died. :sad:
The only attempt he made was trying a different power chord and that didn’t work.
As far as fixing it, I’m no expert and could be wrong but I think that thing is bricked.

i see, just as i tought … is gone :sad:


Read that it happens when the motherboard is fried and you can swap it. I don’t think it’s worth the trouble especially since ps2s now are so cheap to acquire. Just bought a ps2 (fat) for 30 bucks not too long ago.

yep, she said she going to buy a PS3 now :looney: