Dead Or Alive 4&5: Matchmaking

Just picked up a copy of DOA4 for Xbox (seeing as how I just got a new one, I figured why not) and after playing it for about 4 minutes I was instantly reminded again as to why this is one of my favorite fighters of all time. Not very good at it considering I spent most of my childhood playing it casually, but I aim to change that by the time that 5 comes out. Therefore in turn, I decided to make this.

This thread will be for matchmaking across all consoles for Dead or Alive 4 AND 5. If you wanna throw down some matches then post your info in the following format:

Describe when you’re usually on
Which game you’re posting for, or if both
Ect ect ect

I hope this thread gets a lot of response, because I really want spend a lot of time getting good at this franchise again before 5 drops, and what better way to do it then train with your fellow fighting game enthusiasts?

Also here’s my info:

Onslaught EXE
USA, Colorado
Pretty much on 24/7.
Posting for DOA 4 right now but 5 as well when it comes out.

Happy hunting. :tup:

If you’re looking for other players, check the matchmaking sections. FGD is typically only for discussions.

Just to warn you though, DOA4 is more or less universally hated at SRK. You might have better luck at a DOA centric site.

Why is it hated?

Same reason it’s hated in core DOA sites like FreeStepDodge. It’s not a good game since Itagaki made every single move put you in a holdable stun state (where you could counter out of) since players kept beating him with guaranteed combos. The best way to win in DOA4 is to get hit and hold out for maximum damage. Thanks to this, DOA4 single-handedly ruined the series’ reputation.