DDR SuperNOVA CPU specs

Can anyone give me a link to a page with specifications on the CPU inside of the Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA arcade machine? I know it’s running off of a PS2, but I wanted to know more about it, and couldn’t find a page with specs on it. Thanks.

From Wiki:
The CPU core is actually a modified Sony PlayStation 2 with a hard drive upgrade and modified graphics processor to permit the HD signal display. One of the criticisms about the arcade port of Dancing Stage Fusion was that it was essentially the home version game with only very slight modification played in an actual PS2. DDR SuperNOVA, however, is a whole new game made specifically for the arcade powered on a modified PS2. It has, however, been ported to a home version, though the home version and arcade versions have slightly different songlists (the main difference being different licensed songs for the arcade and home versions).

They don’t have any info I could find at coinopexpress.com
Thats about all I could find. Sorry.

Here’s system16.com’s specs

(Bemani PS2 Hardware)