DC Screen Problems

Ok, I was going to post this in a DC Thread a few weeks ago but I thought the problem will go away and I can’t seem to find it anymore.

So what Happens is Anything that is white or close to that colour Pretty much Smudges all across the screen to the right

I have a Samsung Plasma TV and I had the same prblem with an old school Sony TV.

I’ve had this problem before Until I plugged In my ps2 into the TV And Everything was perfect.

And This Only Happens on the DC. It’s not The Leads because Iv’e used a spare one and I have the same result except with a worse noise coming out.

Honestly, I can’t find the problem, Help me please And Thank you.

Sounds like a capacitor problem. if you’re using a VGA box, try another VGA box or with regular RCA or S-Video cables. If you’re not using a VGA, or the problem remains with the regular cables, get a new DC. Repairing the DC would be difficult, and involve opening it up, trying to find the bad cap, desoldering it, and replacing it.

Er… I’m using the lead that goes into Antena thingie.
I have a spare DC already and Soldering may not be a problem.
But yeah, Thank you.
I’ll wait for more Feedback…