DBZ Sparking(Or whatever they call it) Video


Here is a video of the new DBZ game coming out on all platforms. It looks like a hype version of Budikai 3 which is not a bad thing. I’m looking forward to this game and the new arcade thats coming out as well.

wow this game looks pretty good, it’s good to see character’s dat haven’t been in a dbz game.

how was budokai 3? i saw some people on my floor playing it and it looked kinda cool but i was iffy on it cause its a dbz game.

it’s a nice game you should try it out.

I think its one of best DBZ games in along time. I got a used one for $20.00 in great shape…the suckers :badboy: !

Game looks so boring, if i want dbz action just watch the cartoon :rolleyes:

Or play Legends.

DBZ B3 wasn’t bad, but honestly it wasn’t that great either. It’s a 3D fighter where most moves/strings that aren’t fireballs have tracking, and throws aren’t sidesteppable or crouchable. In fact, there is no high/low mixup because you cant’ crouch :frowning: It’s still fun though, hopefully this game will be fun too

no crouching and no high low mixup? well that kinda sucks. hmmm alrite maybe i’ll just pick this up for kicks then, i think i saw it for 10 at circuit city.

Even if the game does not have those things you will not be disapointted.

there is no crouching btu there is high low mix up people don’t knwo what they’re saying

B3 has too many projectiles.

hold on. Does it play like Budokai or are thye finally getting their shit together and made the gameplay like a mix of capcom gameplay with the dbz legends playing style. Bcuz DBZ Legends was the best dbz game ever to me.

That’s right Legends is trash on many levels but it’s been the only fun Dragon Ball game. This one looks like it might come be some sort of bridge between that and all the others. Now if only they can insanely unbalance the characters and allow for team type battles.

Combo cancels in B3 atone for high/low mix-up.

And attacks that are aimed high/low/middle still play a big role in character vs character match ups. For example, Dabura gets big range on Goku (kaiouken, SSJ, SSJ2 and SSJ4) because Goku’s legs are far out, and Dabura’s <-P starter hits low. SSJ3 Goku’s stance is standing up, so as long as he stays like that, Dabura will have to get in closer to use <-P, but that will put him in range of Goku’s <-P. If Dabura throws in yakon, no more SSJ3 Goku :slight_smile:

Sparking could be good though. I doubt it’ll have the depth of B3, but maybe there’ll be something in the engine that’ll change that. And I wanted to play a DBZ simulator other than Legends or SSW for a long time. Can’t wait.

If anything the game resembles Hideo’s Zone of The Enders versus mode more than any other game. This is a good thing because playing that game always made me think “they really need to make a DBZ game like this”.

I hate the fact that vs mode is split screen though. It would be so much more immersive if it had LAN capabilities. Playing a game with a concept like that in split screen is like playing a FPS in split screen.


Halo? :confused:

Although I have more hate for that game than SSBM(well, what little hate I have left) and DOA combined…

I can see the hate for Halo 2 (I disgust the game myslef). But Halo is a masterpiece.

(and you know you love Smash, admit it. Everyone’s got a lil’ Smash in em’)