DBZ Budokai Pro

Here looking to expand the audience and players of the Dimps Budokai DBZ gaming series. Here’s a small example of the competitive style of dimps dbz

[media=youtube]vtGb8Ntf5-M]YouTube - DBZ IW/B3: Goku/Gohan [me] vs Goku-Blue/Dabura [rambe04] 6 Fights [720p[/media]

games showed in this video are Infinite World and Budokai 3


^ Pro vs Pro Budokai level fight

jesus christ… so that’s what happens if Goku ever fought Goku

budokai 3.1 is the best!

2P didn’t even transform the first fight…

Yeah, the whole pro thing is in question when you are playing people who don’t know how to play the fucking game. I don’t really see the point of this thread.

Budokai tenkaichi 3

That’s where you are wrong sir. I have played many people who know how to play, but the level of difference is too high. I taught my friend how to play so I could have a good opponent. I win more than he does but I am not unbeatable.

[media=youtube]sh1WBXEbuRY]YouTube - DBZ Infinite World: Janemba [me] vs Baby [rambe04] 4 Fights [720p[/media]

As you can well see I do lose here, although it’s a rare occasion in these games not to be arrogant… not many regard them as true competitive fighter so they never polished their skills as much as some have.

Point of this thread and the videos I am posting on shoryuken now is to revive these series and try to push players to improve in these games which many don’t take seriously (thanks to tenkaichi and raging blast mainly, they are easy games) dimps budokai is the true fighter of the dbz franchise

I’m gonna say OP, back in the day i LOVED this game and it’s my favorite DBZ game made so far and what you’re saying is right. It’s the best DBZ fighter we’ve got. I used to think I was good at the game, but after seeing these haha, I wouldn’t stand a chance. Good luck getting the scene up but with it being such an old game you’ve got your work cut out.

lol thx, yes I got the work cut out for me :stuck_out_tongue:

FOH with that bullshit

That doesn’t prove anything.

If the skill difference is so high, it’s nowhere near a challenge or a test of your skill, even the best SFIV player will occasionally lose to someone of a lower skill level, but they don’t get “pro” by teaching their brother/friend a dead game and claiming so without any tournaments under their belt or some publicized fights.

I wish you luck on here looking for people (I guess), but I doubt much of a scene will develop.

I believe in you Tico…and for the soul of DBC’s sake…

That video gets my thumbs up for the KI2 music alone.

There’s a tournament in Chicago every year around May. And this is an offline game, is harder to have something public for it. All the things we have of records for it are on youtube. Another part where you are wrong is a person not being pro by teaching others. If you can teach people to match you even occasionally and give you a run for your money, play and do things in the game almost no one else can do. To be honest very few people know how to play Budokai like this, and this can’t be compared to SFIV because they are entirely different games.

A small level of difference in Budokai can mean winning or losing very easily, but you can only know that if you play competitively, if you don’t know how it works at a competitive level and the game mechanics perfectly then my friend you understand very little. My friend rambe04 which I believe is the one that I play regularly most, knows the Budokai games best. He can combo and play almost just as well as me against anyone else even a maxed out CPU (and maxed out CPU in infinite world/budokai 3 is no joke, no SFIV thingy, this is HARD). But just as easily as he can beat anyone else, I can beat him (not easily) but I overpower him with experience.

Tournaments imo rarely prove anything, you only play a specific group of people and anywhere else there could be someone better than you. Since this is offline I go where I can find people to play or I find people to play myself. Titles under the belt mean little unless you have had to compete against a few hundred people for it. I myself am trying to find a spot to organize Budokai tournaments here in Louisville. We have our own forum spot for competitive DBZ at DBC forum, we discuss everything that has to do with competitive Budokai there and know the games inside and out. The goal of this of course, is to show people that cause when they comment on our videos and articles or words they just say things like is not fun playing against people who only play to win lol. But that’s what the game is about and to stop those comments and whinning I have been trying to teach as many people as I can online and offline how to play these games.


That’s a Combo Cancelling Tutorial I made very recently which goes over how combos work in Budokai games. I will make another soon going over Ki Energy management, anti TC, and combo priority mechanics.

Oddly enough, I’m actually a HUGE fan of the DBZ series, but honestly, I haven’t been able to get into it competitively, mainly because it sucks ass online and strategically. I have the one for Xbox Burst Limit, but it also sucks pretty bad, though fun to mess around with.

Find me a competitive scene for burst limit and I’ll certainly learn that game forreal.

It won’t happen as Dimps messed that game up bad. Not only is the online terrible for it but they messed up the ki energy mechanic of the game making all death moves free of charge and teleporting only cost 1 ki bar. Plus on top of this your ki replenishes itself automatically. The game was a success in the combo department, with a big drawback, the damage caps and multipliers were off so if you happened to catch an opponent in a full combo you could kill them with that one combo.

On the flip side of the coin the fight could drag on forever with both players saving their energy and keep teleporting and dodging their attacks all fight only getting in single hits every couple seconds.

[media=youtube]P1nE_TLzPZk]YouTube - DbzBL,- My Last BB’s Combos. [9, 10BB’s And a Pro one[/media]

Thats an example video from my friend Saiyanjin2 in Burst Limit showing how powerful a full combo can be from the best character in that game Vegeta.

Anyways, I’d much rather see Budokai 4 or Shin Budokai 3 over Burst Limit 2 on ps3/360 anyday unless they fix the obvious problems it has.

I DL the demo for the new DBZ game that is gonna come out but to me it felt exactly like all the other 2 DB games I have played which is horrible… I dont remember the other 2 DB games I played but they were on the PS2 if I’m not mistaken…

I wouldnt mind playing a good DB game since I am a DBZ fan but they all feel like whoever mashes the hardest wins… I think one of the PS2 DBZ games at some point had both players mashing 720’s on BOTH the analogs sticks to do avoid being hit or something I dont remember fully…


I only mentioned that game because thats the one I currently have. I never went in depth to find out how competitive it could get, although that company has a bad rep for its DBZ series. Maybe another company should make a DBZ game and take over the DBZ market, similar to how NBA 2k took over Live franchise (because Live series was ass compared to 2k series). And by “take over” I mean completely shit on, putting them out of business

Having a tutorial on Ki management would be a great idea.

Another thing I like about the Budokai games is that if you do a 2nd attack string which begins with the same attack in the same combo (like doing >RSS then >RRS with Goku), the opponent will be lifted into a juggle state. I have not seen this in many other fighters, but it is a interesting mechanic. Makes you manage what moves you should do and how you do it.

TBH the only good dbz games are budokai 3 and budokai tenkaichi 3