Dayton, Ohio. The one, the only, the best

Here’s yet another new Dayton thread as the other one dies. I’m the Doctor. If you’re new to Dayton or planning on moving here, this is the place to get in contact with most of the people that play here. Welcome to Dayton!

I play SF4, 3S, HDR, JoJos, A3, GGAC, MvC2 and soon Blaz Blue. I’m a plain rotten son of a bitch but I get along with most people pretty well.

Daytonians get together about once a week. Sometimes on a weeknight, but the most typical meeting is at WSU and usually on a Friday. There have also been many Saturday and Sunday meetings either at WSU or someone’s home. Recently, people have been going to Illuminaudi, a card store in West Chester. They have a lot of TVs for public use.

Who’s who?
The Doctor - Josh Queen (Cincinnati native)
Actionhank - Adam
Delpheous - Jason
Arkayne - Quentin
Darius Stewart - <
TRKT - Kameron
DizzyNecro - Fred
Doragonkoroshi - Matt
Techdatshit - Josiah
Yumyumsnorlas - Nick
Daddy Neptune - Quan
Murderbydeath - Jordyn
Riot Guard - Mario (Lives in Indiana now)
Otter - Lee

I can’t remember any more right now, due to exhaustion.

Asshole, I was camping the thread till 1k posts just so I could title the new one.

Awesome first page drama!

Games played: SF3, GGAC, Alpha 3, Virtua Fighter, BB when it’s out, dabble in SF4, SC4, will play Tekken 6.

Wanted first page for RR type junk…

you ass I had already reserved to make the new one in the last thread!

shaks fist angrily at josh

It was 20 posts away… someone had to do something. maybe next time!

Also, I’m planning a MWC practice tourny Saturday, June 6th. I’ll post specifics later!

Want some practice for MWC? HERE IT IS!!!

Not expecting anything amazing here, just a good time.


Nice. Now let’s delete all of our posts leading up to now. It’s a race!!!

[Good job]

Right, because we can’t let people know that Josh Queen was being helpful to someone >_>

Oh, and good luck at Regionals man, I better see you at the top :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just pray you don’t seem me on the other side of the table.

I play GGAC, BB, working on 3S. Soon MVC2. Mess around with SC4.

doragonkoroshi (Matt) - GGXXAACC, anything else too

Guys what happened I missed all the deleted posts. I demand details. Also, I was so camping for post 1000 too. We need to delegate an order for thread naming. I call next.

Now what were we talking about on the last thread? Oh yeah, WoW. Let’s talk about something else now. Actually, speaking of that, did Chris get throwed out Josh or is he still staying with you?

I plan on leaving at 4.

Agreed. Honestly the Faerie mirror match is the only I’m worried about xD

Matt: We talked about Renee Descartes and Cartesian Dualism :smiley:

Oh and yeah, name’s Nick, AKA Snorlax, I don’t play fighter games ;D

I decided to at Third Strike to Focus Cancel, I hope the players from Dayton can make it out.


Lets follow the trend. Darius Stewart AKA Shin Darius. I play damn near everything minus the sports( except Tecmo Bowl) and some shooters (Im picky about those). As for the fighting games I play CvS2, SvC Chaos, some MvC1 & 2, Project Justice, some GG, KoF (any of them minus those 3D-ish ones), SF Alpha (any of em), Tekken (preferably Tag), some Virtua Fighter and I mean some, some Soul Caliber, some Arcana Hearts, etc. I’m pretty diverse in gaming so I’m down for whatever except for Dead or Alive. I just dont like that game.

Nathan Shields
SFIV, SSBB, just starting 3s and MvC2. I enjoy most other fighting games as well.

SFIV, soon to be kofXII and blazblue (maybe mvc2)

The Real Kool for Thought (Kameron)

  • *SoulCalibur series
  • Tekken series
  • ST:HD (secretly)
  • Mortal Kombat series

Everything else is a coin toss. Anyone play?:

  • Need For Speed: Most Wanted
  • Zone of the Enders 2
  • Armored Core series
  • Guitar Hero series
  • Brawl +

Oh yeah when I said I would stop hating on fighting games, this one was not included whatsoever.

Cool, call me when you are leaving, I gotta make sure to charge my cell phone, if I am an idiot and forget to do so, take whatever course of action you want to(knock on the door, leave my ass here)