David Sirlin Interview on Gamer's Corner

Hey all. I thought I’d get this up on this forum for you guys to check out. On the latest episode of Gamer’s Corner, we managed to get David Sirlin on (designer of SSF2THDR and former competitive player). He joined us for a TWO HOUR podcast.

As our current hosting provider is still down, we utilized an alternative source for hosting this show. You can access it from our site:


Hope you enjoy it!

Is this the HotSpot podcast? 'cuz on www.sirlin.net there’s a link to it. No DL required.

alot of the things he say is true but i still enjoy this game

did that guy seriously say, “yomi.”

Jesus christ…

Is there a better word(s) to describe it with about just as few syllables?

“This game” = ??

(in work, can’t get podcast).

He’s talking mostly about SF4, at least in the starting part. He had lots of criticisms on it in his initial “review” even though he refuses to let them call it a review, more an article.

It’s two hours? Can anyone please give us a summary?

^^ Thanks!

Yomi which is the Japanese word for reading the mind of the opponent.

it kinda screamed, “weeaboo” to me is all.

david “big rigs” sirline

I was wrong; it’s separate from the GS podcast.

Whatever; Sirlin has both links on his site now. Four hours of… some goodness, some boredom, ALL SIRLOIN.

I think Sirlin feels very proud to know this.

EDIT: It really doesn’t help that his ego was inflated when Edge #94 out of the “Hot 100 Game Devs”.

“Yo - mi”
“mind - read”

He is making himself look like a weeaboo when he throws random Japanese phrases around (not talking about Shoryukens and Hadokens, of course). Kitane busu. =[

People call Japanese comics “manga” and Japanese cartoons “anime” all the time without necessarily making them “weeaboo.”

Wrong. Yomu is “to read” in Japanese. Yomi is sort of a way to turn that into a noun… so it’s much like saying “reading”. To use Yomi is to “read” your opponent. You’re adding too much (false) information into your translation.

Hey guys, what is sirlins card game called? Do you think that getting the word Yomi known to as many people as possible might actually help him in the long run? I mean come on connect the dots already, what he’s doing is smart.

I think the only other thing to refer to yomi is to say “mind games” but even that isn’t entirely the same thing. One could make the argument that mind games are about locking down options and trapping the opponent (among other things, basically just playing smart), which is a generalization of yomi, but considering Sirlin’s articles and how he describes the affects of yomi, we really don’t have a word that correlates. So he defaults to a Japanese word.

Edit: Sorry yeah ^_^`