Dat Hurtbox

Okay so…Tron looks like she would be an average big body, but she falls out of the weirdest things, Any chance someone has an idea of what her hurtbox looks like?

I don’t have an actual hurtbox but here is a picture of her for reference: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-skmIMdrBp38/Tl2-5IWE56I/AAAAAAAABPI/qZ1sV4C8-f4/s1600/UMvC3TronBonne01.jpg

I believe her awkward hurtbox has to do with the fact that the top half of her body is much wider than the bottom half. The top half of the robot is a large circular shape while the bottom half is just her feet. When you are comboing her, the top big portion of her hurtbox pushes you out and then when you do a move that is lower, you are pushed out too far and you miss her legs completely. This is just my observation though. If you are having trouble fighting her, your best option would be to just go into the training room with Tron as the dummy and find specific combos that your characters can use against her.

I figured this would work best in this section. I’ve been playing a lot of casuals with some friends lately, and there’s something a little odd that’s been happening. So it was against point Wesker, and at times it would become a zoning game. Wesker’s Samurai Edge and Tron’s Beacon Bomb cancel each other out, but there were times that Wesker got his gunshot out first while Tron was preparing to launch the medium Beacon Bomb. On a few occasions, Tron somehow does not get hit and proceeds to throw out the Beacon Bomb, sometimes catching Wesker like it was a punish. This was without assists backing us up too, so it was odd considering there shouldn’t be any reason Tron isn’t getting hit. Perhaps there is some odd secret here? o.o I’ll have to investigate.

I don’t want to say that Tron carries any invulnerability (projectile or otherwise) during Beacon Bomb, but I’ve looked at this scenario and found that Tron will not get hit by a straight gunshot from Wesker while she is standing on Gustaff to fire the Beacon Bomb. It’s entirely possible her hitxbox does not extend past Gustaff’s frame to her visible body during this move, but that would require some meticulous testing that I’m not prepared to do.

This scenario is pretty easy to time, assists notwithstanding.

^ And it would appear that’s correct.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmCuQjyTXOU @00:31

While it is an interesting find, I doubt it’s any reason to throw out more Beacon Bombs. >.< Maybe against Wesker only…

Right, totally forgot about the Vita version.

Well, that’s great. Good stuff. :smiley: