Dashing fierce thingy

you know how Hayato’s dash + hp causes him to like cut through the opponent and Hayato lands behind him, and Hayato lags soooooo much even if it hits and you can’t cancel it into anything??? what’s the use to this thingy?

also i’ve seen combo vids do some longass suki infinite into Plasma Field into OTG Black Hayato then when that’s done, they call some Proj. assist like Cable-proj, then they do that dash + hp thingy and it connects!!! the assist then hits them while Hayato recovers, then Hayato gets to continue comboing cos the opponent is left standing after the dash + hp - but i’ve tried and i can’t get the dash + hp to connect after the Black Hayato … help?

What good is that move?

Um, call assist, dash in. Assist covers ass.
Doom Sprinkles? Dash under it.
BH shittin demons, dash under it.

There’s quite a bit of use for it since it’s like a Magneto dash for Hayato. But it’s situational and will rarely lead to any real damage.

That’s a MikeZ vid you’re talking about there. I’m clueless as to how to do it as well since he cancels Hayato’s “Hien” (f+HP) into what looks like s.lp’s.

Taht’s all the info I can give on this.

what is b. hayato? how do i exicute it?

black hayato… the 3 level bars special…

lp,hp,back,lk,hk (you have to do it fast)


USE LP+HP to dash, you will get the timing right if you do it a couple million times.

You also can do Black Hayato, dash+Shiden and after first hit cancel to Black Hayato again. Takes timing and works best in a corner.

Please…I’ve only done that combo once so far…connecting the dashing hp after the black hayato isn’t too hard…it’s connecting cable’s assist that’s annoying…u need really good timing in order to connect them both.

but I like to use b+lp lp hp hk lp call assist(DO NOT STALL after the lp; u have to do them almost simultaneously) recover from lag, immediately dash+hp, assist hits(by the way, make sure the assist is a capture type,Thanos best choice)b+hp,lp,hp,QCF,black hayato(part of the BH buffers to lp Shiden,which cancels right into BH after the 1st hit )dash+hp…Normally it ends there, but if I’m lucky, I can get the cable assist, and if I do, I would do b+hp,lp,hp,hp,Fierce Guren,XX after the 1st or second hit into Plasma Field,OTG lk Black Hayato(They have to be in the corner after the cable assist for the last part to work, though). But anyway, that’s me…

By the way, Bojack, just dash in lp,lp, f+hp b+hp hp lp hp, etc. It’s pretty easy to connect the Hien into the plasma combo, It works mainly on the bigger characters, but for the smaller ones, an assist can take u far. My top suggestions would be Sentinal ground assist, Thanos capture assist, or Psylocke balance assist

…That’s all I can say for now…I love Hayato :clap:
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