Dash in mk upkicks explanation for a n00b?

This probably doesn’t merit a really long thread, but I just saw a vid of Afrocole doing an interesting combo I haven’t seen before, and couldn’t figure out.


At 2:14, he focus attacks a sliding blanka, achieves crumple, then proceeds to dash forward, cr. mp xx mk upkicks. I can’t for the life of me figure out how he got the charge for mk upkicks after a dash. I can understand dashing then immediately doing upkicks or MGU, i’ve done that too, but getting the cr. mp in there?

Can someone clarify?

When you land the focus, immediately input the dash and hold downback. The game is extremely lenient with dashes after a focus attack. You’ll have just enough charge to do c.mp xx mk upkicks after the dash.

ok awesome. Cheers! going to work on that in training right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Man, that was easy. I really need to level up my game. >embarrassed<

dashing and immediately doing a charge move is possible? i know what cole did and Cryoh explained it clearly.

What do you think dash ultra is? A dash then a charge move. I’ve only managed it with ultras and supers though, never managed dash anything else.
While we’re on the topic, has anybody tried or managed to hit mid screen EX MGU, dash, mk upkick, mk upkick? Should work similar to dash ultra (IE really tight timing) but it should be possible.

I’m pretty sure the charge buffer isn’t as long for a special move as it is for an ultra or a super.

There’s a difference, that I’ve not been able to figure out.

I think in that one, he knew just how much time he needed, and started charging within the down back period. It wasn’t a dash in special move, he just had enough charge to do it following the FA.

I’ve never once seen a dash in special move preformed in the same manner and quickness as a dash in super or ultra, tried it and failed, tried what he did and succeeded the way I said it.

Maybe dash in sobat or fireball, but you’d have to pretty much be holding punch or kick during the dash, and Deejay’s dash is already pretty obnoxious when it comes to that kind of buffering (Dash ultra)

the input buffer in regards to special moves clears before you finish the dash, thats why you haven’t seen a dash in charge special move.

and yeah off of an FA you can do raw special moves/full U1, you get a lot of charge time from charging during the dash and from hit stop.

You can only do an Ultra or Super off of a clean dash because they are much more lenient on the frames. You can’t do a dash sonic boom for example because there isn’t enough frames for special moves. The best you’ll get is walking forward for a pixel or 2 and then doing the sonic boom. If you land a focus crumple on someone you can imput dash before you focus attack even his them so by the time he’s hit them and dashed you’ve already been charging enough for a special move. We do a normal attack before the special to make sure they’re still standing when the special comes out otherwise they’d just reset and do that little backflip.

If the special moves had as much leniency as the Supers/Ultras the game would be crazy, you’d be able to do ridiculas combos easily. You’d have Guile’s doing Sonic boom, dash, Sonic boom super cancel combos or DJ doing dash EX MGU dash MK Jackknife dash Ultra 2. It would be silly.

Got it. Thought that might be the case.

You can always just do cr lp cr mp mk upkicksx2 if you doubt your charge