Darkstalkers - Will anyone die?

Ok, first let me say i dont know anything about Darkstalkers storyline.

That being said, DS is a more violent, horror-like world than Street Fighter, so i was wondering: will any of the main characters (the ones in the games) be killed? I mean, they are mosters, demons and so on, so one would expect them to kill the ones thay fight against…

At the risk of sounding weird, I hope so because DarkStalkers is a much darker series than SF, these character’s are killers so deaths should be exected so I am hoping that Udon will make this a very dark story over Street Fighter’s usual goodie’s and baddies.

I’m thinking one of the big problems would be… who would die and why? At least in the canon storyline, the majority of the characters are kinda still alive by DS3 (well, actually, the DS storyline only consists of two games anyways, I believe). The only characters that actually die in the canon that I know of are Viktor, Pyron, and Huitzil (the latter of who is a robot). The rest actually are still alive and kicking by the end of DS3, many with incomplete storylines that have yet to be finished (and thus would probably have to stay alive unless Udon wanted to take a lot of liberty in that regard). I guess I can picture certain characters getting killed off anyways though due to little storyline importance a la Geki in the SF Comic (although hopefully putting up a better fight than Geki did).

The problem with Darkstalkers is that the storyline revolves around the vampire characters (given that the Japanese name for the series IS Vampire). It’s all about Demitri plotting revenge on Makai, Morrigan inheriting Belial’s throne, Demitri lusting after Morrigan, Demitri beating Pyron to absorb his powers, Jedah trapping everybody in an alternate realm, Morrigan reuniting with Lilith, etc.

The other monsters are just there to stir up battles, for little to no reason I might add, to prolongue the series, so you could care less what happens to them (unless you’re a fanboy). They’re likely to die off anyway.

BTW: Was Victor’s ending really canon?

Most of them are already dead or undead(Anakaris, L. Rapter, etc.) so they can be killed once again I guess. (Only to come back again after an issue or 5 :stuck_out_tongue: )

I doubt Victor’s ending is canon.He is in darkstalkers 3 afterall,and also I would hate for him to be completely destroyed off since he is basically the Frankenstein monster.

! How did Geki die?

The ending where Victor dies IS in Darkstalkers 3.

Now that you mention it,you are right.I thought it was darkstalkers 2,but it has been too long since I really played them. I really hope it is not canon, as this time around I would like the monster to live, so to speak. does anyone remember how exactly he died off in dark stalkers 3?

He wanted to bring that girl Emily to life, so he sacrificed himself by using up all the electrical power in his body.

Morrigan and Lilith aren’t Vampires. :rofl:

They’re Succubuses, Succubi are in layman’s terms, demon whores.

EDIT: I’d also like to add that, Jedah isn’t a Vampire either, he’s the anti-Christ (err Dark Messiah, Capcom USA’s version of it :rofl: ).

But yeah, the only Vampires in the Vampire games is Demitri, but I guess you can count Donovan too since he’s a Damphir (meaning he’s half Vampire, kinda like Blade).

Just outta’ curiosity, has anyone ever read the Darkstalkers Plot Guide at GameFAQs?
http://db.gamefaqs.com/coinop/arcade/file/darkstalkers_plot.txt (you might have to copy & paste it through properties)

I just discovered it yesterday. It’s hard to read at times, 'cuz a lot of the information is in list form. Still, it’s quite informative. I can’t believe that out of 4-5 DS games, only 2 of them are canon. Then again, the series has a lot of storyline information for only 2 games.

It’s okay. I know Morrigan and Lilith aren’t vampires. They’re just more “Vampire” than the rest. I’m simply using that as a way of saying they’re more closely tied into Demitri’s storyline among all in the cast (anyone else think he should hook up with Morrigan like he did in the Nightwarriors OAV? Lol).

But I knew what Jedah was. I never said he was a vampire, just that he trapped everybody in that fake ass demon realm he created. Funny that Donovan looks important enough as a Dhampir but does nothing in Vampire Hunter.

Hsien-Ko and sis die in DS1/Nightwarriors due to battle wounds but get reincarnated in the bodies of newly born twin sisters. This actually might imply that they die long before many others arrive since they are back to their previous ages when DS3 rolls around. Also intriguing is the fact that they were able to be reincarnated due to the fact that they suceeded in avenging their mother’s death so that means that Hsien-Ko manages to kill off somebody evil though it’ll probably have to be a character created just for .

Sasquatch doesn’t die but he is probably the most disposable character of those who survive simply because he is the leader of a (thriving?) race of similar creatures. Likewise with Q-Bee. I guess Lord Raptor would be next due to the fact that since he’s a zombie, he could just come back after he “dies”.

While not DS Characters, Belail - Morrigan’s father - and Ozomu - Lord Raptor/Zabel’s leader - die in the Games.

Thats like Chun-lis father dying. It doesnt really mean anything to the reader.

well perhaps in the comics we’ll get to know her father.

Thanks for the answer,Kataklysmic. Wow,try saying that name 5 times fast. :wow:

That’s true I suppose.

It did to me. I felt really sad. Lol!