Darkstalkers Revamp SF4 style! Player feedback needed!

Saw this posted on Iplaywinner.com’s front page, thought I’d relay the message.

Street Fighter 4 producer Yoshinori Ono has expressed interest in doing a new Darkstalkers after he finishes with Super. Let’s pretend that we work for Capcom and are given the task of developing a plan for a new Darkstalkers game for Xbox 360 and PS3 (sorry Wii). Let’s also be realistic and assume that Capcom corporate has ordered you to use Street Fighter 4’s 3D graphics engine, but everything else is up to you.

* What kind gameplay systems would you use?
* Which graphical effects would you employ?
* Would you employ any special features to make the game stand out?
* Do you have any ideas for new characters?

So turn on those creative juices and put on your game-developer hats! Everybody thinks they can be a game designer and/or is smarter than the game developer, so show us what you got!

I personally owned a copy of Darkstalkers for Ps, it was fun considering i wasn’t a pro fighter at the time.
Wide variety of characters, Zabel,that one zombie dude was my favorite, Cr. HK= buzzsaw
I think if they make it somewhat like 4 it should be good, graphically at least
The special/ultra bar needs to be planned out correctly.
Also they need something like focus attack, but not. Maybe a guard break of some sorts, almost like mega crush in TvC.
Hopefully it will be as openly accepted as blazblue considering many of the newer generations of gamers prob never played a darkstalkers game, guess we’ll see

New models for everyone else, same sprite for Morrigan, it’s only fair.



It sure looks that way

Fuck no.

Even though this thread is similar, its not askin for feedback for capcom, ill edit the title

lol even if they use 3d models ala sf4 morrigan needs the same sprite.

Thing is, is that the thread actually did have feedback; perhaps not the feedback you would have LIKED but yeah there were plenty of opinions on the subject.

Yeah it doesn’t say they’re even making or planning the game at all; re-reading the original post all it says is some game website saying they heard Ono wanted to make the game and are asking people to do theory fighters and ideas - But not directly to the company itself. The whole thing seems pretty pointless. And this thread is still redundant.

Oh yeah, don’t let Ono touch DS. Kthnx. If you people were actually concerned you’d be playing it with your friends and/or GGPO/2DF and discussing it in the thread in the Other Games section. So just like VF, there’s lots of talk about it, but at the end of day the same, dedicated players are still playing the game and the talk from everyone else amounts to very little.

Hell, the OP doesn’t even know the name of the character in his avatar; calls him “zombie guy”. Japanese = Zabel; American = Lord Raptor

DAng someones touchy, by all means kill the thread if ya want, i’m just a messenger

I thought Zabel was the Jap name…

Ah you’re right.

Well to answer your questions,here are my thoughts:

  • What kind gameplay systems would you use?
    I would use a system similar to what was in Alpha3 by selecting the different modes you want.DS1 mode would have one Super Meter.When it gets half way full your special moves become enhanced without the use of 2 buttons like in Night Warriors & you have access to SF style chain/link combos.DS2 mode would have the chain combos,multi leveled super bar,pursuit attacks.DS3 would be like it is.

  • Which graphical effects would you employ?
    I would employ the 3rd Strike graphical effects.I get REALLY tired of seeing Morrigan’s 16 year old sprite being used.

  • Would you employ any special features to make the game stand out?
    Yes.I would employ the Focus Attack feature from SF4.For the home systems,I would like to see each character have 20 different Mission Modes similar to the Expert Mode in the SFEX series.For example:using Demitri,perform a 20 hit combo in DS mode without using a Super move.Also the Focus Attack cancels would be a great in the game as well.

  • Do you have any ideas for new characters?
    I don’t have any ideas for new ones,however I would like to see the return of some old characters like Donovan based from his NW ending or Anita all grown up & taking Donovan’s place.I would like to see 4 bosses in the game though with Jedah being one of them.

Make sure that Morrigan stays hot. Do that and I’ll straight-up buy it as soon as it hits shelves.

Real talk.

let’s not.
There’s already been a lengthy srk thread with people who played the game and over on capcom-u as well.

Here for fuck’s sake:

  1. Give DS4 the turbo speed system that Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors had. DS1 had faster speed than Hunter and Savior to the point where it was hard to get your moves off.
  2. Keep the Dark Forces from Vampire Savior 2.
  3. All the characters are back.
  4. Keep the Stock system ONLY without the recharging health. Recharging health in any fighter thats not a tag team game is retarded.
  5. Custom color edit from CvS2.
  6. Include headless horseman, Christopher walken homage from the Prophecy, and an experiment gone wrong monster.
  7. Online Mode.
  8. tournament Mode
  9. Hidden Cursor pick @ character select screen.
  10. Negative penalty system from GGXX.

There ya go. your fucking darkstalkers 4 theory fighter feedback.

I dont even care anymore @ this point even if it was announced. Frankly Capcom took to damned long to make one since 1997. Even longer than the VS series and SF. At least they they released SF3 before CvS and MvC2. I decided to move on about wishing for a new sequel even though its still probably my 2nd fav fighter to MSH. (The ones behind the cpus 24/7 that is) Always talking but never setting out to change the way some fighters are looked at. Letting trashy ass fighting games run amuck on the niche market. But then when it’s time for our voices to be heard, bust a hype move and hands to get back on the joystick for a few select god like games peeps get real damn quiet.

There is a gigantomongous thread at Capcom Unity with the official Darkstalkers thread and another one called help ono with another sequel thread. So far the last time I was there maybe a few months ago I still see the same people post in that thread. I am sad to see after all that time and talk no one seems to be hype at all. So I hope this game never gets made cuz I believe we dont deserve it.

They just need to hurry up and say something about it so I can curse all of you in whatever the hell they do with the series.


sup man!!!

I like how all these new guys are possibly asking for a remake of one the HARDEST game of all time. VS @ the highest level is extremely technical way more than SF is and 100x more than sf4 is.

The only way this game will sell well is if they dumb it down again. I’m tired of this sissy shit where players get easier methods rather than practicing.

If VS\DS is such a good game, where the fuck are all the people who play? They’re certainly not on GGPO.

good lord thank you. It’s been a while since I seen you guys on GGPO. Might actually scoop through there today been busy though. My Zabel is most likely really trash now. Last time, freaking Kajoq took my freaking head off with Lei Lei. At that time wasn’t practicing like I use to so I quit. Enough comp wasn’t on for me to give a damn about training.

I agree. I hope this game never gets made cuz I believe fans don’t deserve shitty games overseen by shitty developers and producers.

I like very little to no people playing anything from Darkstalkers so I am wholly against the idea of a new game.