Darkstalkers Resurrection physical copies?

I just saw the Ono tweet and I can’t take my eyes of the pretty physical copy of Resurrection he has for PS3.


Does anyone has info on that?
The physical copy will be a Japan only release or they’ll do a US release too?
Where can I preorder this? (the physical copy)

I’m not finding this anywhere!

This will most likely only contain a card with a code to download the game, just like the physical retail copies of MvC2.

It’s Japan only as far as I can tell. They’re taking preorders on e-Capcom. If you preorder from them, you can also get a special soundtrack CD.

What I want to know is if it is a disc, or just a card with a download code.

If it’s just the code, fuck it. But if it’s an actual disk then hell yeah, time to import.

Even if it is just a download code, I still would like a box.

I would kill for a GG R+ box.

I’m gonna pre-order tomorrow, if I can take my hands off my penis from realizing I’m getting Vsav on console with online.

Like, I knew it was happening, but seeing that box…Ughhh DAT BOX.

I can’t read Japanese, can someone tell me if the “Premium Soundtrack” thing is for the PS3 box, or something entirely separate?

And why in god’s name are some of the characters used twice on the art?

Why the hell does Jedah have Demitiri pectorals?

Pfft, they can keep their plastic. I keep all my games in a binder and store the boxes away somewhere… I fucking hate boxes.

I doubt they’ll have a physical disc for the release.
A lot of companies LOVE disc-less releases… Less $$$$ spend for them.

As it is, the only Capcom downloads that have gotten the “disc” release were those 6 (including SFTurbo HD Remix) that got an XBox disc release within the past year or so…

I know that I was “real happy” to see that the 25th Anniversary SF releases had download codes for the same games that have been available for over a year now! At least a disc release for both PS3 and XBox 360 owners would have been nice.

I understand development costs for the newest consoles are high but these older game releases shouldn’t be so expensive that they can’t do the occasional packaged release for those of us who LIKE to have the games on-disc.

I still have problems with the whole XBL/PSN downloads and the safety of our little investments… I really don’t trust that we’re going to get to keep the games and I KNOW for a fact that the hard drives they’re resting on won’t last past 8 years, tops, in most cases.
How long will the networks really last, and what happens when they discontinue support for the current machines???

I feel like that might be something that would cause another shit storm over the way capcom does things. I think that would be a pretty shitty feeling though. You get home, and carefully tear off the stickers that keep the wrapping on so you don’t damage the cover at all. The moment of truth comes, as your thumbs get ready to pry open the case. “Oh, boy!! i can’t wait to play Darkstalkers again!!”. Open it up and it just a fuckin download card and now you gotta wait even longer to play it, even though you just wasted gas to go pick that shit up. It would also be conspiracy of the century if the download had locked and hidden content that you buy later. Download-ception. DLC inside of DLC.

In all seriousness though I hope they have a pre-release demo available for download on consoles. The reason being that I have never played darkstalkers before. It’s just that ever since I started playing Marvel I loved all 3 of the characters they brought over, and want to play the respective games they came from. Mainly I just want to play a game where Hsien-ko isn’t considered bottom of the barrel. It would also sadden me greatly if I downloaded the game (which is non-refundable btw), and it turned out to be another Blazblue or P4A in my eyes. I tried those two games and they weren’t my cup of tea, as they couldn’t keep my interest very long and none of the characters appealed to me. Darkstalkers already has me sold on character appeal, it’s just the gameplay I worry about, since I’ve never played it before. So I think a demo in the same fashion as SkullGirls and KOFXIII would be a good move.

Hey man, that’s racism. Not to mention boxes are the cornerstone of this world, show some respect man.

Sven has just confrmed to me over Google+ that Japan is getting a disc release.

Meh, I’ve got my PS2 collection. I’m good.

Time to preorder then!!

Region free? PS3 only or 360 disc version as well?

People tend to dig the box more than its contents. I’m one of those guys who judge products based on how good-looking their packaging are. :smiley:

PS3 i doubt the 360 version will be region free since almost no 360 games are region free.

Anyone happen to know how through the fucking roof shipping prices are from Japan to Ohio, USA? I remember when I bought my first stick, shipping it from San Diego on a 7 day expectancy was $25.00. I’d imagine all shipping costs from Japan to my area would be like $65.00 if not more

Most of Capcom’s are actually, the Japanese versions anyway. Snagged the Japan Special Editions for SSF4 and SFXT, didn’t see a listing for DSR yet.