Darkstalkers and the 12 Principles of Animation

Darkstalkers and the Twelve Principles of Animation | Art-Eater

A nice write-up about the artstyle of Darkstalkers. I’ve always felt that Darkstalkers had THE BEST animation in a 2D fighter at the time and I think it still does.
This write-up shows some of the interesting art elements that most will prob. not notice or know about it.
Heck after playing Savior and Hunter a few days ago I can tell you that the spirtes shown in that site are bit the tip of the iceberg. Fire up the games and see for yourself ;3

Oh and sorry if this should’ve been in the FGD forums ^_^;

nice read. i miss playing these charcters.

Shouldn’t this be in Fighting Game Discussion?

Oddly enough, Chaos Breaker has some really nice and smooth animations. :rofl:

and good soundtrack.