Darkstalkers 4 (Vampire Rebirth?) Plot Concept

Hey guys! As a huge fan of the Darkstalkers franchise, I got to thinking earlier today: “What would a post-Vampire Savior game look like? What’s going on?” Here’s what I came up with:

Following Jedah’s Majigen tournament, everyone was permitted to return to the mortal world and Makai as they saw fit. While most Darkstalkers went to the mortal world (Talbain, Felicia, BB Hood), some few went to the Makai (Morrigan obviously, Demitri takes this chance to re-enter the Makai for the first time since his banishment). All endings from Vampire Savior (link) are canon in some form or another. While the individual character paragraphs will better explain what exactly has happened, the main event which cause the events of this game involves the mortal world being plunged into endless daylight, which is causing chaos and calamity worldwide.

Morrigan: After absorbing Lilith, Morrigan was complete, but only briefly. Demitri took his chance to ambush her, causing Morrigan to petrify herself and end the fight in a stalemate. While petrified, Morrigan vacated 2/3 of her soul so she could reform elsewhere. Her main goal is to find and reclaim the part of her Demitri is holding hostage.

Demitri: With Morrigan absent and Jedah defeated, Demitri becomes the grand ruler of the Makai. But, he is not yet sated, for he has yet to properly absorb Morrigan. In addition, he has to deal with marauding swarms of Q-Bees and hold off the all-consuming daylight from reaching the Makai.

Jon Talbain: After taking control of his lycanthropy through martial arts, he lives as a martial arts instructor in England. Following the endless day and the disappearance of one of his students, he sets out to save them and get to the bottom of this.

Felicia: Head Sister of Felicity House, Felicia is the leading symbol of harmony between humans and darkstalkers. Similar to Jon Talbain, one of her wards goes missing during the day of endless daylight, prompting her journey. She encounters Jon Talbain along the way, and the two work together to solve the mystery.

Victor: After sacrificing himself, Emily devotes her life to the science of energy and electricity in order to restore Victor. After a decade of research, she creates a special set of batteries that are compatible with Victor, allowing him to walk the earth once more. Shortly after this, when the world is locked in endless daylight, Victor sets out to find the cause of this calamity.

Sasquatch and Rikuo: With the unending sun destroying their kingdoms, Sasquatch and Rikuo both set out to restore the natural order and protect the Earth.

Anakaris: After establishing his alternate dimension, Anakaris bolsters his ranks with worthy mortals plucked from the outside world. Among them are Felicia and Talbain’s missing students.

Hsien-Ko: The two girls who inherited Hsien-Ko and Mei-Ling’s souls are young women now. An encounter with a lesser darkstalker causes them to revert to their Jiang-Shi form. Confused by this and the Endless Day, they set out for answers.

Anita [NEW]: Sometime after Vampire Hunter, Donovan disappeared, leaving Anita to grow up alone. She makes the study of darkstalkers her life’s work. Hearing rumors of a man matching Donovan’s description in Eastern Europe, she finds her former hero a bloodthirsty shell of the man he once was. Anita seals him away and looks to find a cure for his condition.

BB Hood: A decade of darkhunting has given this psychopath an outlet for her violent nature. She’s not the cute little girl from Savior, but a femme fatale with an armory that would shame most militarist groups. Hearing reports of various darkstalkers roaming the human world, she begins her hunt.

Amingo [NEW]: As sunlight dries the Earth, deserts begin to spread. A legendary cactus-man, once the stuff of folklore, has been sighted. His motives are unknown and origin a mystery; the only thing the world knows about him is a name. Amingo.

Ruby Heart [NEW]: To the pirate matriarch of the high seas, Captain Ruby Heart, the endless sunlight is more than a freak weather anomaly: the oceans, her domain, are beginning to recede. Hearing of a legendary city inhabited by merpeople, she sets sail, hoping to find the solution there.

Ingrid [NEW]: Princess of the stars and right hand to Pyron, Ingrid gathers the power to revive her master by creating a second sun. With Pyron back and the Earth in chaos, she joins Pyron in his plot to destroy the Earth and Makai.

Pyron: Awakened from death by Ingrid, Pyron resumes where he left off in trying to destroy Earth. He also wants to destroy the Makai as revenge for Demitri killing him.

I know I forgot Raptor, Bishamon, Jedah, and Q-Bee, but I didn’t have anything useful for them.