Dark Prince Vs Clockwork Videos

K well, they deleted my old thread so I dont know if you guys got to see that intro video but here it is…



Match One

Match Two

Match Three

Match Five

Match Six

Match Seven

Match Eight

Match Nine

Match Ten

Match Eleven

Match Twelve

Match Thirteen

Final Match

oh hey dont forget this one…


DP is comedy.

DP makes me want to watch more Marvel Matches at Tournies or at least start playin the game. It’s funny how mad he gets when he loses

Win first, talk trash second.

haha its funny seeing DP’s facial expression:rofl:

What’s the song from the intro video? I dig it.


Sam was not happy at all when DPC lost his money.

Lol looking forward to the whole vid


:rofl: :rofl:

We need more players like this…

Marvel is Str8 HYPE

PLEASE make a thread for dpc vs shady before it happens, lots of non-cali people would like to bet this!


uhhh, can we get the rest of this shit?

Yeah Mike, put that vid out. Actually, if I were you…I’d turn this into a series of DVD’s and make some profit off this to fund a trip around the world documenting Money Matches for the SRK community to view. I’ll support that cause.

only if he gets the DP vs Clockwork and Evo 2006 DVDs out ASAP.

Thats awesome, the “whoaaaa bundy” they did in the intro should’ve been like “looooooose money”.

I wanna learn to play marvel now just to beat his ass.

How does he sleep at night? Talking all that shit and not even backing it up with anything respectable. I mean getting dicked 10-4 by a “washed-up veteran”. Go Clock!

Me and my cousin watched that shit about 400x. Shit is the BEST. The tree scene is the highest highlight.

Shady k is gonna loose!

Edit: IMHO