Dark Geese's Power Rankings Thread

Okay, something I think needs to be brought back from the SNK Storm thread is the rankings, since I’m doing tournaments at a large scale again and bringing in the real competition, we need to do rankings again. The more countries come in the more the rankings will come into play.


-This is based off tournament results as of now and the last relevant international tournament that will be counted is EVO World SNK 2009.
-Mid Tier or low level Major victories will NEVER equal International Victories. EVO World SNK 2009 is an International tournament, so that weighs more than a victory at MWC, Raging Storm Phoenix. Raging Storm El Paso is an INT tournament however.
-High Level tournaments and International tournaments are the main basis for this particular ranking system. You cannot rank higher than someone with International Titles unless they go at least one year without playing OR you beat them head to head, OR you win more International Titles than they do.

Wanna get higher in the rankings? Go and place in an international tournament!!!

-MT=Mid Tier tournament
-HT= High level non international tournament
-INT= International tournament


1. Mr. KOF (Arcade Infinity-2 INT Victories-EVO World 2k9, NDP 2k9)
2. Dark Geese (Geese Tower/CD. Juarez, Mexico- MT Raging Storm Phoenix, INT 2nd EVO World 2k9, INT 3rd NDP 2k9 )
3. RJ (Arcade Infinity- 4th place EVO World 2k9, 4th place NDP 2k9)
4. Reynald/Lord BBH

Mexico KOFXI:

Cities Included: TBD


International KOFXI

Cities/Countries included:

  1. The Whole USA
  2. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

1. Mr. KOF ( AI-USA: NDP 2k9 Grand Champion)
2. Kane9999 (CD. Juarez, MEX-2nd place NDP 2k9)
3. Dark Geese (USA/CD. Juarez, MEX- 3rd place NDP 2k9)
4 and on TBD.

Mexico 2002:

Cities included: TBD

Too many variables, to be determined.

International KOF 2002:

Cities/countries Included:

  1. The Whole USA
  2. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

1. Alexis (CD. Juarez, MEX)
2. Joelle (CD. Juarez, MEX)
3. Hugo (CD. Juarez, MEX)


  1. Reynald (Arcade Infinity- KOFXII National Champion, NDP 2k9 Champion)**
    2. Mr. KOF (Arcade Infinity- 2nd KOFXII National, 2nd NDP 2k9)
    3. Dark Geese (USA/CD. Juarez, MEX- 3rd NDP 2k9)
  2. RJ (Arcade Infinity)

International KOFXII:


Mexico KOFXII:



1st- Nocturnal (1st Raging Storm Phoenix)
2nd- Giby ( 2nd Raging Storm Phoenix)
3rd- Justin Wong ( 1st MWC 2k8, 5th Raging Storm Phoenix)
4th- Ace Uno (1st Final Round XII)

Mexico Garou MOTW:

All that is known: Kane9999= #1

I just drastically changed the rules for the rankings. Main one is that I decided Mid Tier and Low Level tournaments will NEVER equal an international tournament. High Level tournaments will never equal International tournaments either.

If you wanna etch your name in the rankings you gotta produce in International tournaments!

KoF expert
as you may know there is tournament on Deadliest Fiction Wiki pitting char. of the KoF series against the char. of the Mortal Kombat series, and i’m in need of a expert to support the KoF. the main purpose of the expert is to provide a valid reason why the KoF char. would win based on what the expert knows about the char.(Moves,powers,abilities,history etc.), and if it would be no trouble would any of you like to be an expert to support the KoF?

ill be waiting for your reply on my talk page or on this thread
my talk page:User:MrPacheco101 - Deadliest Fiction Wiki

here is a look at the match ups
User blog:MrPacheco101/MrPacheco101 Presents:Mortal Kombat vs. The King of Fighters - Deadliest Fiction Wiki

i heard you were the best koF expert here