Dante Video Posting Thread

Post any good Dante videos here! I’ll start:

YouTube - trag13’s Channel

A newish Dante combo from trag13.

Reserved, just in case.

Here’s the basic Dante 100% combo.


Sick combo! Good find bro.

Actually, I can’t take credit for that, haha.

I found it in this thread: http://shoryuken.com/f359/smokin-sick-style-dante-general-discussion-thread-256389/

Thanks to whoever transcribed it!

two bars and 100%! sweet!!

let’s try to find one with x factor set at lvl2 now :wink:

Just browsing around and found this:


i didnt think u could cancel into Devil Trigger, and still have enough time to continue honestly

Damn, Dante’s combos take you to the left, to the right and back to the left all in one go LOL.

Now thats what im talking about, good lord been waiting for something like that for a while. I was honestly starting to get worried dante wouldn’t be capable of such ridiculous combos but that video put all my worries to rest. Now I literally cannot wait for the game to drop cause I can’t even begin to fathom what he will be capable off.

He is capable, the main problem is the scaling, his special moves scale alot (damage and recovery)
Here is a pretty basic one wich deals good damage and is very easy to execute


yea, teh “marn” combo lol. no offense, but as practical as it is, that combo has been worn to shit b4 the game even came out lol

lol honestly, I don’t care how practical that combo is, I will never use that in a match simply because at this point I am sick of seeing it. Since I plan on playing him predominantly in devil trigger it shouldn’t be too hard to find other equally practical combos.

Just making my contribution.


:l: :m: :h: :b::h:(mash) :f::h:(mash)xx:s:xx:h:(mash)xx:s: J.:h:xx:qcf::h: :df::h:(mash)xx:f::h:xx:atk:+:s: J.:s: :df::h:(mash) :qcb::l:xx:h:(mash)xx:dp::atk:+:atk:

822,700 DMG. 3 bars used. Corner Only.

nice combo!

Nice combo!

It’s tough to tell with the gauge is already set to max 5, but how much meter does that combo build? It’d be great if that combo itself built an entire meter (maybe 2) - that way the combo itself almost pays itself for the hyper at the end.

I think that might be the biggest incentive to learn some of dantes crazier, longer combos other than just damage increase.

Trag’s new Dante Combos

Holy crap. Dante is soooo stylish it hurts. :D:D:D

Lvl 3 supers don’t scale like normal level 1 supers. So long pretty combo > lvl 3 super will do lots of dmg. But lvl 3 supers are good for if you’re under pressure too, cuz of invincibility.

It builds about 1.5+ meters.

OMG Nitro. This is godlike. I’m adding this to the first post in the Dante thread! I’ll call it the “Nitro Combo”.

sounds good to me :slight_smile: that’s more than enough incentive to use a combo like this, i’ll use a lvl 3 for 1.5 meters any day of the week