Dante solo mixups/incoming character mixups

For people trying to learn Dante. If you Dante veterans have any SOLO mixups for Dante please pass down your knowledge! :slight_smile:

There was already a thread for this: Pressure, Safety, Mixups, Resets and Approach

But what Dante players in general need to start doing is after a level 3 kill or any kind of mid screen kill, when throwing up an acid rain for an attempted mixup do not teleport, that is day one tech that is honestly brain dead easy to block, instead one should wave dash back and forth under your opponent making the acid rain mixup a 50/50. (because you can mash out the wave dash so fast under your opponent, they will often guess wrong anyway.)

That makes alot more sense.
If acid rain hits how should I hit confirm?

M, H > into whatever.

sometimes I throw up the acid rain, teleport and then air dash back my original side for the j.H. cheeky stuff. it’s funny as hell when it hits them too.

What are some good mixups that will discourage people from pressing buttons on the way? I’ve tried million carrots but they just block and come down with buttons =\

anybody got any good incoming mixups with dante? i used to use acid rain on vanilla but using that now really messes with hitstun deterioration so im kind of put off using it now. even using a single shot prevents you from using prop shredder and other stuff.


Incoming setups with Dante.

So, if you kill them early in a Million Dollars, you basically forgo having a mixup without an assist. Thems the breaks, baby. Shit sucks. If you have an assist you can always standing B + teleport and call assist.

The best one, in my opinion, is Acid Rain + Rapid Wavedashes.

You can also do cross under C into auto-correct Weasel Shot (I call it the Josh Wong), if you mess it up or stay on the same side then it becomes AA stinger which is easy as fuck to confirm when you’re close.

You can combine these two, and in fact the individual hits of the acid rain make it easier to perform, as they allow the C to stay bufferable for longer. Neat, huh?

Now as for this…

(On everyone but Vergil because j2h) dashunder standing B should beat most of their buttons.

If I think someone’s just going to mindlessly swing on the way in, I do jm -> jh after my acid rain. if it hits I confirm with killer bee, backdash, upshots, stinger to take them to the wall and set up a reset.

stM beat’s helm breaker in the corner. Most normals that have cross up hitboxes will stuff Helm Breaker, it’s harder to hit him midscreen but it definitely works in the corner.

I just don’t risk challenging helm breaker at all. When I do an incoming setup on Vergil I just do safer/less gutsy setups, usually using my assist.

It depends really on the character. For example Task’s Shield Skills and Magneto’s stH stuff it pretty clean in the corner. You just need a normal with a good anti air hitbox that hits behind Vergil’s sword.