Dante is still able to do combos :D

Just got the game and made this video:

It shows how Dante is still able to do stylish combos even after the major nerfs he got. Hope you like it.

Nice, can you combo w/ a low jab with those?

Yeah, but you have to be pretty close to him since all Dante’s attacks cause the opponent to go away in UMvC3

I normally end my combos with Beehive, Jet Stream into Fireworks, then super. Does that still work or should I just be doing 2 Beehives like you? Also, does his X-factor Jam Session corner infinite still work?

pretty sure midscreen Jetstream ~ Fireworks xx super doesn’t work. I remember seeing that the opponent is put too high above the hitbox of Jetstream for it to connect. at least that’s what I remember from Max’s changelog video.

edit: it’s situational but it still works I guess. just saw Chrisis do it in Norcal vs Capcom 2

Stinger, BC jet stream, fireworks still works in the corner after volcano to beehive. I had trouble doing his mid screen bnbs at the time i was playing so i didn’t get to test if the jet stream is still good mid screen.

couldn’t get jet stream to work at all midscreen, but delayed reverb shock xx fireworks is still good after beehive.

had some weird issues with bold cancel after stinger going the wrong direction. not consistently.

I also noticed I had a problem hitting Zero with cold shower to stinger BC teleport after prop shredded into hammer. Like he would just fall out during the cold shower like he was too far away or something.

I also noticed that the timing of his attacks is narrowed now. Like cold shower OTG > Stinger Lv2 > Bold cancel teleport. You have to time the stinger lv2 rather than mashing it, otherwise Dante will teleport earlier than the opponent bouncing from the wall

I know there’s already a combo thread for dante but it shows most of the stuff from vanilla. Mind posting the input commands after stinger into 236M? All of the combo Dante does is too fast, I can’t keep tracking without viewing a Dante combo video on replay for hundreds of times :wonder:

It works fine. You Just can’t do it immediately or it whiffs. You have to wait a few frames before inputting the jet stream. Otherwise, it works fine.

I cant seem to get prop shredder to land after u do. J.C, J.236B, J.236C, C, S, 9CC, prop shredder

like… my prop shredder will only barely graze them. then they fall out… doesnt take full effect.its likle they dont fall afer the gunshot or sumthing.

help please =(
i seem to be having this problem across all bnb’s that are similar.

You’re inputting prop shredder too soon. Wait a little longer, or else the last hit whiffs, and that’s the one that puts them into that juggle state.

Obviously, this was day like, negative 3 or 4. Lol.