Dante Frame Data

So pretty much I’m just going to post all of the frame data for his moves, all of which is taken from the Brady strategy guide. I’m just putting it here for easy reference.
The numbers will be orgranized:
Start Up/Active/Recovery/Advantage on hit/Advantage on block

Standing :l:- 8/3/13/-2/-3
Standing :m:- 10/4/17/-2/-3
Standing :h:- 13/3/23/-3/-4
Standing :s:- 11/3/28/–/-9

Crouching :l:- 8/3/11/0/-1
Crouching :m:- 11/2/20/-3/-4
Crouching :h:- 15/1(7)4-34(21)4/39/–/-21

Air :l:- 8/2/19
Air :m:- 11/3/22
Air :h:- 13/3/23
Air :s:- 23/Until Grounded/20

:f::h:- 14/6/24/-2/-3

S.:h:xx:h::h:- 13/3(19)7~21/16/+10/+7

Weasel Shot- 13/2~3(15)7~39/13/+15~+18/+13~+17

Cold Shower- 11/5~15/22/0/-1

:s:xx:h:- 11/2~3(10)5-49/21/–~+10/-16~-60)

Rainstorm- 16/8~68/Until Grounded/–/--

Stinger (During most gunfire attacks)- 19/6/24/-2/-3

Prop Shredder- 10/40/26/–/-10

Multi-Lock is a little odd because it’s charge. It’s start up times are 30/70/110/150/190+10. Also, each orb is acctive for 60 frames before seeking opponent. 35 recovery, -5 on hit, -6 on block.

Acid Rain- 30/Each projectile stays active for 83 frames/25/–/--

Crystal- 25/42/13/+9/+8

Million Carats- 18/23/25/–/-26

Hysteric 30/15/36/-14/-15

Grapple 15/19(14)/26/–/-37

Reverb Shock 8/10(1)4/27/–/-9

Revolver- 18/37(3)3/20/–/-1

Jet Stream- 20/20/46/–/-48

Fireworks- 13/40/18/+6/+2

Crazy Dance- 10/7/14/–/+1

Twister- 13/30/23/+4/-4

Tempest- 18/20/30/–/-10

Volcano- 15/10/41/–/-29

Beehive- 3/50(19)4/15/–/+3

Jam Session- 13/41/27/–/-9

Killer Bee- 18/Until grounded/18/–/-3

The Hammer- 19/3/Until grounded, 5 ground recovery/–/+20

Air Play- 15~48/–/14~23/–/--

Sky Dance- 18/5(3)3(9) Until grounded*5/16/–/+1

Air Trick- 10/–/--/–/-- (Frames 10-15 are invincible)

Drive- 32/6/13/+5/+5

Bold Move- 16/–/--/–/--

Air Raid- 11/–/--/–/--

Thunder Bolt- 10/25/6/–/--

Vortex- 14/20/8/–/--

Million Dollars- 10+1/195/35/–/-14

Devil Trigger- 4+4/–/--/–/-- (Frames 3-4 invincible, active for 290 frames total)

Devil Must Die- 10+2/10/68/–/-56 (Frames 1-20 invincible)


Start Up/Active/Recovery (This cross over assist)/Recovery(Point Character)

Alpha- 37/41/120/90

Beta- 49/40/99/69

Gamma- 40/23/104/74

Hey, thanks man. Like, seriously. I’m a frame data freak. Lolz I love to see frame advantage on a cool character.

Quick question in case anyone knows the answer:

When I cancel one special move into it’s secondary form, do I still have to take into account the full startup of the first move?
For example, if I wanna do Crystal canceled into Million Carats would it be something like 25+18 frames of startup (43 total) or would the cancel window allow me to do it earlier making it closer to like 18 to 30 frames total on startup?

The first move is cancelled as soon as you do the second input and see the glyph flash on Dante.

What I’m asking specifically is how early can I cancel from the first move(s)/when is the cancellation window available? I highly doubt it’s available from the first frame of the first move, so some specific frames/numbers would be helpful in learning how fast you can really perform the secondary move.

Not that it’s that important. 'Just curious.

You can cancel the start up of the initial move for the style change. For example, how you can cancel into Bee Hive before Volcano ever comes out, and you can cancel into million carats before Crystal comes out. Obviously it isn’t the same for moves like Reverb Shock/Revolver/Jet Stream into Fireworks.

I don’t understand why frame data gets released. What ever happened to finding things out on your own?

The age of information happened and it’s silly to artificially limit ourselves just to remember the “good old days”? Also people grew up and don’t have time to find such specific info all day anymore.

And how long would it take anyway? And how can you even find it specific frame data yourself? For example, the guide doesn’t have frame advantage/disadvantage of air moves. I want to know how much frame disadvantage Dante has on his j.S. I know it has a disadvantage and i’m guessing it’s over 5 frames, but i have no idea how to find out just exactly how many frames of a disadvantage is has.

The disadvantage on jS is something roughly equivalent to 7-10 frames, normally, and if blocked by a taller character, it’s more. The reason there’s no hit/block advantage on air moves is because how plus or minus it is is dependent on your height. The only number that matters for air moves is how much actual block stun is caused; unfortunately that number isn’t there either.

Anyway, if your jS is blocked, just cancel into hammer. Completely safe double overhead.

Some frame data for you guys… tested on my 60 fps video capture card, using training mode + input display.

Volcano-Beehive Cancel
Can cancel into Beehive from 1-16F of Volcano. Not entirely sure about frames 1-4 since I wasn’t able to do a DP motion that fast, and it’s probably not practical. If it’s true though, then direct Beehive would have 4F startup and would be Dante’s fastest attack by a large margin, but would also be humanly impossible to perform at that speed. The fastest Beehive I could pull off was 8F startup.

Now for the Volcano-Beehive combo: Only 15F & 16F will allow Volcano to hit. Volcano hits on 15F, but 8F hitstop occurs on 16F, Meaning that on hit/block, timing window to cancel perform Volcano-Beehive combo is a total of 9F (15~23F).

Crystal-Million Carats Cancel
Can cancel into Carats from 1~21F startup of Crystal. Again, not sure about frames 1-4 since I couldn’t do the second qcf that fast. Fastest Carats is theoretically 19F, but the fastest one I could do was 23F.

Hysteric-Grapple Cancel
Can cancel into Grapple from 15~27F startup of Hysteric. Unlike the other two above, this has a set startup of 15F for Hysteric before you can cancel out, then another 15F for the grappling hook, making the fastest Grapple 30F, and the slowest is 42F. If you input the cancel too early, the grapple comes out on the first possible frame (16).

Jam Session
Vertical beam appears instantly, has no travel time. Hits on 13F.

Teleport j.S/Hammer frame advantage:
Ammy height: -7 / +14
Zero height: -8 / +14
Ryu height: -8 / +14
Dante height: -8 / +14
Magneto height: -8 / +14
Dormammu height: -8 / +14
Sentinel height: -9 / +14

Minimum height requirement for airdash: 6th airborne frame


  • Hitstop occurs on 2nd active frame for all moves

st.L: 13F blockstun, 4F hitstop
st.M: 18F blockstun, 6F hitstop
st.H: 22F blockstun, 8F hitstop
st.S: 22F blockstun, 8F hitstop
fw.H: 27F blockstun, 9F hitstop
cr.L: 13F blockstun, 4F hitstop
cr.M: 18F blockstun, 6F hitstop
cr.H (final hit): 22F blockstun, 8F hitstop
j.L: 13F blockstun, 5F hitstop
j.M: 18F blockstun, 7F hitstop
j.H: 19F blockstun, 8F hitstop
j.S: 19F blockstun, 8F hitstop
Hammer: 22F blockstun, 11F hitstop

Will do some more testing tomorrow for Fireworks / Crazy Dance and Hammer.

Wow, interesting! Thank you very much. This is extremely useful data.

The rest of my testing follows, some of this stuff was pretty interesting to discover:

Air Trick
Appears on other side on 16F. Can act from 23F~ onwards. Vulnerable from 1~9F (same side) and 16~22F (other side). Invincible during 10~15F (confirmed by testing).

Is a 2 frame link. Hitstop always extends this to 9F on hit or block.

Crazy Dance
Is a 2 frame link. This never occurs during hitstop, so it will always be a 2F link.

(Note: when I say “can cancel from 1~14F”, I mean that the cancel happens during these frames. So for a 14F cancel, you would see 13F startup of the first move, then the second move would happen starting on 14F)

Reverb Shock Cancels

Reverb Shock -> Fireworks: 21~22F (on whiff)

  • On hit/block: Hitstop extends the cancel window to 9F, as the last cancellable frame has 8F hitstop.

Reverb Shock -> Crazy Dance: 23~24F (on whiff)

  • On hit/block: Window is exactly 3~4F after hitstop of Reverb Shock’s 5th hit ends.

Revolver Cancels

Revolver -> Fireworks:

  • On hit/block: Hitstop extends the cancel window to 9F, as the last cancellable frame has 8F hitstop.

Revolver -> Crazy Dance:

  • On hit/block: Window is exactly 1~2F before hitstop of Revolver’s last hit. Press S either 1 frame before the final hit of Revolver, or exactly at the same time the final hit of Revolver would hit. Note that this is the only cancel where the window for Crazy Dance is earlier than that of Fireworks.

Jet Stream Cancels

Jet Stream -> Fireworks: Not possible on block/whiff

  • On hit: Hitstop extends the cancel window to 9F, as the last cancellable frame has 8F hitstop.

Jet Stream -> Crazy Dance: Not possible on block/whiff

  • On hit: Window is exactly 4~5F after hitstop of Jet Stream’s 6th hit ends.

st.H - Weasel Shot Cancel
Is a 2 frame window. Can cancel st.H into Weasel shot on 15~16F (after 14~15F of st.H pass).

cr.H - Cold Shower Cancel
Can cancel into Cold Shower from 1~14F startup of cr.H. Not even sure you can cancel frame 1 on any of these moves since you need one frame to release the button before pressing it again. Fastest Cold Shower I did (with Turbo) was 13F (2F+11F). Double tapping usually got me a 14F or 15F Cold Shower (3F+11F or 4F+11F).

Killer Bee - Hammer Cancel
Can cancel into Hammer from 1~17F (all startup frames) of Killer Bee. Same as the other (non-Grapple) cancels - the faster you input Hammer, the faster it will come out. Again, the fastest Hammer I managed was 24F (5+19F), which cancelled after the 5th frame of Killer Bee.

Multi-Lock - Acid Rain Cancel
Can cancel into Acid Rain from 1~25F of Multi-Lock. Same as every other non-Grapple cancel: faster inputs = faster startup. Fastest I could pull off was a 35F Acid Rain (5+30).

Twister - Tempest Cancel
Can cancel into Tempest from 16~21F. Like Grapple, this doesn’t follow the standard cancel rules. But unlike Grapple, if you input the second DP during frames 1~11F, the cancel won’t happen, but if you input it between 12~15F then you will get the cancel on the first possible frame (16F). This probably has more to do with the special move input buffer than this being a special property of this move. Total cancel window is 10F.

Also finished up the table of normals in my last post. Not surprisingly, :f::h: has the most blockstun of any move, at 27F. If you do a perfectly timed Bold Cancel -> Air Trick out of :f::h:, you are left in the air at +2 frame advantage.

Well that’s all for now, if anyone has any requests I can help with, just let me know.

Sycho, the data you’re providing is extremely helpful. My favorites so far has been Hammer’s frame advantage based on height and the Air Trick data.

Could you check Devil Trigger’s actual length? The guide and this thread say 290 frames, but I’ve gone to training mode and timed it and it seems closer to 600 (without hitstop).

Good eye, Devil Trigger is indeed an even 600 frames in length.

The Guide also lists :d::l: at 5F, which we all figured out is actually 8F startup, so there are at least a couple of mistakes in there.

Ah hell while I’m at it: Devil Trigger moves!

Lasts 180F. Has startup of 11F / cannot act until 12F.

Thunder Bolt
Startup is 10F at point-blank, 17F at top-left corner of screen. Beam takes 7 frames to travel across the screen.
Frame advantage is -1 to +6 depending on distance to target.

Frame advantage: Dante is left in the air at +10 on block.

Thank you much. Though, for the record, my guide says 8 frames for c.:l:. Not sure why there’d be a discrepancy in individual guides.

Sycho, I feel bad to ask for this, but could you give the details of the test you used for Air Trick’s data? I was trying to see if I could bait Dormammu’s :s: and c.:m: attacks by teleporting, block them, then punish. When I was testing the c.:m:, Dormammu was capable of hitting Dante after his teleport, which couldn’t happen unless Air Trick doesn’t recover until at least frame 25 (Dormammu’s c.:m: cannot hit until frame 24).

If you get some extra time, could you possibly do additional testing on this move? I feel like this is easily one of Dante’s most pivotal moves, so I think the Dante community could benefit from having as much data on this move as possible.

Interesting so psycho crusher is + on block in the air? And beam is only -1? that reads hammer mixups all days especially off psycho crusher.

Also Crystal is + on block, figured but never really knew. Since he can link after on hit might need to incoporate it into my game especially against tron. Gave me some stuff too chew on.