Dante combo extension with Strider assist

Hey guys, just wanted to post this combo I was playing around with last night.

Now, I don’t have much time to UMVC, so I can’t really keep up with combos. If this old news and everyone knows about it already… sorry, I’ll delete my post.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy it.

Sorry about the quality, my apartment is like a dungeon when it comes to light.


I have been using Million Carats whenever I want to extend a combo with Vajra, but I think that’s fairly well known. Anyway, I’m often using Vajra to get my combo started (teleport crossup) so it’s not usually available.

Ah, I usually use Vergil to zone and then save Vajra for my combos. Although it really depends on who, and what character I’m fighting. Sometimes I use Vajra to zone and just go with a devil trigger cancel.

You can also do Valcano JC Valcano, and it does a good amount more damage. It’s harder, but then I’m a Viper main so it’s basically just a slower version of rapid seismos. =P