Dante as anchor. Strategies

Now that I’ve picked up Iron Man as anchor it’s obvious that I probably won’t get the exact same mileage that I did out of Doom anchor and although I could make big comebacks with Doom as anchor…he still had issues. Funny enough Iron Man has some things about him as anchor that allow him to do better in some matchups than Doom but it’s traded for issues in other areas.

I want to make my team so if/when X-23 dies I can either choose to run Dante with unibeam assist or tag in Iron Man so he can use a much needed assist with Dante’s jam session. That way Iron Man can either blow thorugh people with standard combos and XF2 or I can wait for Dante to come in as XF3.

My problem is…I’ve figured out that I pretty much have no idea how to play Dante as anchor. He has some strong concepts like XF DT thunderbolt beam doing hella chip but if the person turns on XF then that doesn’t really matter too much anymore. It’s gdlk if they burned their XF early surely though.

From there…I dunno what to do. I really rely on an assist to break people down with Dante since he’s kinda air throw bait during his air dashes and teleports without assist coverage. He generally just feels weird to fight with without an assist and I’m not sure if it’s because he’s just kinda sloppy without an assist for pressure and mix ups or if there’s actually some other dumb shit he can do that I’m not just being creative enough with.

I’d really like to talk about stuff like…

1. Pressure and mix ups

2. Uses of DT and XF (what else can you do if they just turn on XF2/3 to avoid the chip).

3. Dealing with people flying up at super jump height to lame you out (Storm/Trish/Morrigan) etc.

4. Welcome mix ups.

There’s definitely not much anybody that really plays Dante as anchor often but I think it’s good to know because he’s definitely not the worst anchor either and it would help make it so I can basically have two anchors (since I think they’ll be able to TAC into each other well any way) instead of just relying on one.

I dunno if you’ve seen Richard Nguyen’s “Crocodile” combo, but damn, if you had that, airthrows into death.

I haven’t seen that combo so if you had a vid or notation that would be cool. Yeah I was thinking of putting him together kinda like the way DjHuoshen puts together his Taskmaster anchor where the idea is you just lame the shit out of everybody and just fish for air throws rather than being a random mix up anchor. Devil Trigger allows him to shut down some of the typical anchor BS from other characters also.

I know Nini Heart had a vid on it that I’ll rewatch also.

Well I don’t main Dante anymore but when I do play him I’m usually abusing Jam Session so I know some stuff with Dante anchor.

As for 1, 3 and 4 should we assume you have lvl3 X-Factor? Because that obviously plays a huge difference lol.

I don’t utilize XF2 much with Dante because I feel his mix up is strong enough where it’s not necessary unless I absolutely have to kill off the character or get a 2 for one situation.

The idea is more so to get Iron Man switched in via DHC or a TAC so that he can utilize jam session assist and then Dante is using the XF3 to clean up.

Yeah I generally need to find something with Dante that I can just throw out that as anchor and if it hits I can just kill people off. Like most of the other strong anchors. I guess that’s the benefit of putting Iron Man on my team, he’s not going to be as hurp durp an anchor as Doom was so it’ll teach me to learn to run my team in multiple team orders so it’s less one dimensional in approach and options.

The most powerful teams that I’ve seen can have the characters just interchange and is still powerful all around and that’s what I’m trying to get out of the team now.

Sooo yeah generally XF3 stuff if what I want and XF2 stuff if it makes a difference you can throw in also.


Yeah this is some of the stuff I want to put together because if I can put the right pressure techniques together I can actually make Dante a solid anchor also rather than relying on Anchor Man all the time. Right now I’m way too used to using Dante with a beam assist. Like I practically don’t even know what to do when the beam assist is not there with Dante. This will be a good way to figure out I guess.

I like the stuff where he takes people to the corner fast off a landed hit and then goes into jam session and what not. I know jam session is an infinite in XF2/3. They have to be in the corner for that infinite? If so I’d like to just kinda go straight into the infinite cuz I think that would save XF time over doing all the flashy stuff.

Wow so you think Tony is that capable huh? Good stuff.

Aight. Let’s see.

**1.**So Dante’s pressure in X-Factor is pretty crazy. Because of the nice speed boost he gets with X-Factor it is much easier to stay in with frame traps. Staggered cr.A is great because it is much easier to link and if they do time their push-block you can react to it with a teleport and stinger xx reverb to discourage up-back. Ground grabs are also important because it keeps them on their toes and Dante gets a free 50/50 with Drive xx Teleport as long as you time it right. Crystal also gives you more frame advantage in X-Factor so if you scare them into not push-blocking Crystal you can go into one of the following.

A - Cross-up B or C
B - Cross-up B or C into j.S (double overhead that can cross-up AGAIN depending on the spacing, cancel the j.S into air-play for saftey)
C - Devil Trigger for double cross-up/teleport stuff
D - Neutral jump j.S xx Air-play xx j.S (just something to throw in every now and again)
E - My personal favorite Air-Dash whiff j.A into cr.A (fake overhead cross-up, I have never had anyone block this so I try to use is sparingly)

2. Generally I only go into DT for incoming mix-ups because the double dash just adds a whole new layer of BS to him. Or if they are 2-3 characters up I turn it on and try to chip out the point character so I can start the incoming mix-ups. Sometimes I use it for fly which gives him access to triple and quad overheads (LOL) and if they push-block you can react to it with Vortex (can’t be pushblocked) and be right back in.

3. Lame character’s lose if they hit anything because Dante can teleport on reaction and j.C xx Killer Bee into death. If they are not hitting buttons he gets full combos off his air-grabs at any height as well. If they super-jump up-back themselves into a corner acid rain we bring them back down and give you a mix-up. Dante can combo off of Jam Session in LVL 3 X-Factor as well. (I think Nini’s video had an example of this) Multi-Lock also becomes VERY useful since it charges fast as hell and leads to easy 50/50 even at super-jump height.

4. My incoming mix-ups are basic as hell.

F - Multi-lock into Devil Trigger ( looks nice and is a simple 50/50)
G -Acid Rain into Devil Trigger (then I usually dash under while they are falling into the rain and do either A, B, C or E)
H - Crystal and if they push-block it jump air-dash forward air-grab (works best on people who like to push-block as soon as they get in blockstun and character’s without air-dashes/double jumps)
I - Twister into Tempest (His DP + L fire pillar) Catches ALL button presses on a incoming character and give you a combo in X-Factor

^^^^^ these are all pretty good ideas…
stinger teleport
land go low
air dash forward/ backwards m or h

if hit lands fireworks DT combo, if near corner jam session loop
in DT s fly s hammer/ killer bee
try and keep your opponent midscreen as its easier to mix them rather than them in the corner
Airthrow combos for opponents chicken blocking is a must to know ( i need to learn some as well)
vortex s or airthrow opponents superjumping
( stinger ) reverb shock to fireworks is opponent doesnt have xfactor

cannot think of anymore right now…

With no Meter Get your opponent into the corner and do Jam Session Loops. Saved me from a Wesker yesterday.

This what I needed as well. Thanks again Ace! :smiley:

Weak. All of Dante’s XF combos should be done in DT. No further questions.

was it really necessary to complain about a 7 month old video, good lord