Dannkk's Arcade Stick Mods

Time to open up shop. My name is Chris. I’ve been doing mods for locals here in Chicago for a while now and I’m starting to get requests from out of state, so I figured it was time to start a thread.

As of right now, I’m only offering dual mods on xbox360 or ps3 sticks. If you’re looking for something else, please pm me. I can do anything, but if it’s something new, turnaround might be a little longer.

360 stick -> 360 + PS3 stick = $50(labor) + $35(chimp) = $85 total

PS3 stick -> PS3 + 360 stick = $60(labor) + $30(pad) + $10(imp switch) = $100 total


What sticks can you dual mod?

Any common ground stick can be dual modded. This is nearly all the sticks on the market nowadays. Just let me know the model of your stick. If it isn’t common ground, I can still use a ps360 or paewang pcb to wire your stick, both of which are dual modded already.

Can I ship you my stick?

Yes, you can. You will be responsible for all shipping charges, and I will accept payment via paypal. PM me for payment/shipping info.

What is your expected turnaround?

It takes about 2 hours, so 1 day, assuming I can start on it right away. If I’m going to be waiting on parts, or a bit busy during the time I have your stick, I’ll be able to let you know.

F.A.Q(for locals)

How can I pick up/drop off my stick?

I make it out to the local venues regularly. Just let me know you’ll be dropping off a stick and I’ll be sure to be there. That’d be Galloping Ghost Arcade on Thursday nights, and Ingite Network on Monday nights. I’ll be able to meet you at the venue to drop off your stick the next week. If you’re interested in faster service, you’ll have to pick your stick up near my house, which is in Evergreen Park, on the south side of Chicago. If you’re driving far, I am willing to drive a few miles to meet you right off a highway, though.

Can you repair my stick? How much will it cost?

Yes, I can repair your stick. How much it will cost will really depend on what is involved in making the repair. If it’s something simple, nothing. If I need to solder, or use new parts, we’ll work it out then. It will be reasonable.

Examples of my latest work…

Chimp install in a 360 Madcatz SE stick

PS3 TE dual modded with Fightpad and Imp Switch

MK TE with PS360+

Paewang in a Nitewalker case

This is my photobucket album with almost all my work in it. If it doesn’t look nice…it’s old. Really old…
http://s138.photobucket.com/albums/q250/Dannkk/Dual Mods/#!cpZZ1QQtppZZ20


What is your expected turnaround on a PS3 stick dualmod?

It takes about 2 hours, so 1 day, assuming I can start on it right away. If I’m going to be waiting on parts, or a bit busy during the time I have your stick, I’ll be able to let you know. I don’t have fightpads right this second, but I’ll be getting some tomorrow or Thursday.

Can you do hori sticks?

The same stick you had me fix the USB cord on? Some of the hori sticks aren’t common ground, and that stick had a lot of wiring in it. What’s the exact model?

Sounds great. Are you going to be at FF this weekend? I have a PS3 TE that I’d like to have modded.

It’s a Hori real arcade pro EX-SE

Sorry to say, I’m not. I’ve got something to do Saturday afternoon. Where are you from?

Hrap Pro EX-SE is not common ground. It can be made common ground, but it’s a bit tedious and would cost extra. I could just order a Paewang or PS360(they’re ps3+360 already), and install one of them in your stick for you, though.

PS3 TE Dual mod for MoTheHawk

PS3 TE dual mod for Foggy

Nice work. Do you think you could be available to knock out a PS3 TE-S dual-mod in February? Like in about 2 weeks including shipping time?

Yea, I can do it. Shipping time will depend on how you ship to me, but it’ll only take me a couple hours to mod your stick. It’ll be shipped back the day after I get it.

Where in Chicago are you located? I’m interested in getting my 360 SE modded.

I’m located in Evergreen Park. It’s a suburb on the south side. You can come here to pick up/drop off your stick, or I can pick it up at one of the local venues. In Brookfield on Thursdays or Belmont and Western on Mondays. Just let me know what works for you.

If I were to bring it to the venue next Monday when do you estimate it might be done?

I’d do the mod Tuesday night and it’d be all set for you on Wednesday if you wanted to come pick it up.

That should work. Do you by chance have an extra Sanwa JLF I could purchase? I know modders tend to have random crap lying around haha.