Danisen Battle format

I know how the Danisen battle ranking system works, but I am unsure how places run their battle to begin with. It is a tournament style elimination where you just log wins/losses? Or do people play on one cabinet the whole time until they get kicked off and take stats from there?

From the looks of it, maybe round robin seems more appropriate for Danisen Battles (as long as they are in range of their Dan).

SSF4 players in Alaska are looking forward to some kind of Online league since we’re all lazy and don’t wanna gather in one place to play. Figure Danisen Battles were the way to go.

rule set as Game Versus,

From my experience the person who wins stays on, and once he loses or ranks up too high he gets off and logs the win count.

I understand that part, but when does it apply? Do you have a certain time of play that Danisen Battle points are counted? For example, at an Arcade, Danisen Battle points can only be logged in from between 8pm-10pm. Something like that?

With concerns to online, I was thinking of a system for our battles 2 times a week, and each player has 10 matches (each 2/3 rounds), and is randomly paired with players until each player has played their 10. Every match is reported back to me and I log in the stats.

So what happens when a player is in a rank by himself (either too high or too low) and can’t get any points at all?

they’re events just like regular tourneys and ranbats. you sign up, show up, participate.

In that case, that player would be required either to:
Wait until someone reaches +1 or -1 of their Dan OR
Play a new character (since that character will start at 1st Dan)

So just run a regular Double Elimination tournament and record wins/losses? That means some players will only get to play a few times, and people who don’t make 1st place are guaranteed to get -2pts. Also, what if players in Semis get paired up with people who are nowhere near their Dan?

Confuzzled on format :confused:

Mary and Max (2009) ??!?!?!

I was just trying to gather Danisen league info and had to comment on that sentence.

no. each setup is dedicated to a rank or maybe a number of ranks. And on that setup people just play a regular winner stays rotation. Get 3 points you move up a rank, get -3 you move down.

So, to clarify: “within one rank of themselves” means if I am 3rd Dan, I can fight people who are 2nd OR 4th Dan?

Also, since the format is winner stays on, if I lose, can I get back in the queue to play again, or can I not play until the next event?