Dancing pink marshmellows - Kirby Thread

Don’t see a Kirby thread here - a shame, he’s my favorite character.

I see a lot of potential with Kirby. That’s about all I can say ATM though :wonder:

His new Dash A is pretty good, and im diggin his airs. His air hammer is quick as hell too.

Another plus is he doesnt have escapable throws now. :rolleyes:

His hammer attacks are pretty decent and could be used for some KOs, but they can be hard to land. His stone can pull off some KOs too.

his Final Smash doesn’t do a lot of damage, but provided there’s items lying about, it can be pretty decent. Of course, I don’t know how well that’d hold up in a tourney.

a little thing i tried to do with kirbys smash is do it either in the middle of a group so i can catch everyone or close to and edge… like the top of the screen or a ledge that way it has a better chance of smashing

and though the hammer is strong his forward b is quick plus his down be covers both sides so i thing i’m mainly going to stick with those because they are safe and smash very well… and look for and mistake to pull out my hammer…

what are the different strats you cats have been using in matches

I love how they put the yo-yo spin from Kirby super star in instead of that crap fireball…

And now Kirby is a lot less vulnerable coming out of being a rock, because you can actually attack right out of it.
His up smash is kinda like a mini version of Fox’s, too…

I’m really impressed on his new improvements, including the hammer.

I think dair spikes… I gotta test it :confused:

Seem like his down b in (or is it A) “the rock move” seems to do hit harder depending on what he changes to. Anyone else notice this or is it just my imagination?

Probably your imagination. Damage seems to be the same for me.

Anyone have any impressions on the Kirby hats?

My impressions on the Kirby hats from the new characters:

Dedede: Swallows up people and various items. Not very great for damage (10%, same as when Kirby spits them out)

Diddy Kong: Gets the Peanut gun thing - does ok damage (5% at least), but I’d prefer Pits arrows or Wolfs gun over it.

Ike: Gets his charging flame sword, good for KOs.

Lucario: Gets his awesome charging aura blast. Does lots of damage.

Lucas: PK ice thing, turns opponents into ice, but short distance. Pretty useful if you can land it.

Meta Knight: Gets his awesome tornado attack. Pretty damn good.

Olimar: Throws pikmin. Doesn’t do much damage really.

**Pit: **Gets his arrows. Good projectile for ticking, I guess. It probably outmatches normal Links arrows too.

ROB: Gets the beam. Does little damage with little KO opportunity, but its mega cute hearing Kirby say “BEAMM~”

Snake: Gets grenades, which can be pretty useful.

Sonic: Gets the guided sonic ball attack thing. 8% damage.

Toon Link: Gets his arrows, but Pits’ arrows do slightly more damage.

**Wario: **Bites the opponent, gets a good 17% damage usually.

Wolf: Gets his gun. 6% damage, and its kinda slow. Pretty much the same kinda thing as Luigis fireball (6% damage also)

Zero Suit Samus: Gets the paralyzer gun, can be helpful since it stuns people for a brief moment. Use this and then the hammer for a KO?

Still gotta go over the 3 Pokemon from Pokemon trainer, but my favorite hats would be the ZSS, Lucas, Lucario, Meta Knight, Ike and Snake hats.

ZZS and Ike hats are my favs atm. And my all time fav, C. Falcon. And yes its just because his helm :wonder:

i noticed that kirby’s up b seems quite safe… now i don’t see any smash ability with it but it does seem to have great priority and since all 3 parts connect pushs opponents back so i’ve started using it to build damage and to push back foes…

now i’m torn between some moves the seem so similar that i don’t know which to stick too…

in the air attacking i like the foward a over the hammer forward b… because it has multiple hits then which to his back a for smash once damage is high… though the hammer smashs better and at lower precentages it has a small lag when missed because he swings it twice and during a short jump he doesn’t complete the second swing… now has anyone else had better luck using the hammer…

i do actually use it when chasing off a ledge or the down a but on short jump no…

on the ground i perfer his forward a and down a smash attacks again over the hammer… now i use the hammer when i see what looks like an opening but the foward a is fast and long… and the down a is fast and hits from 2 side in case of a roll… any hammer strats out there…

i mean i like the hammer i do but these moves seem so much better…

The last hit on his d-air is a meteor according to the official site. I’m not sure if anyone has a “real” spike anymore.

The Ivysaur hat gives you bullet seed which is great for racking up damage if you can catch someone in it.

The air hammer got a lot better now. I like using it and f-air when approaching from the air. The ground hammer seems about the same unfortunately.

KWASIA - Personally the short jump air hammer > ground hammer. It does 6% less damage, but it seems faster and much less risky.

The second air hammer swing isn’t very useful IMO, since I don’t think you can hit one person with both swings due to the knockback it has. It can be useful if you miss with the first swing, but I wouldn’t rely on it. Practice aiming the first swing is probably a better thing to do.

IMO, the ground hammer isn’t really all that great unfortunately. Its Kirbys strongest overall attack, but its kinda close range and slow that its risky to use. A substitute for the ground hammer: Run+grab, forward, air hammer. 25% damage w/ knockback…unfortunately, it only really works when the opponent has a low %.

Speaking of attacks I don’t care for too much…the sword attack (up+b). Only does up to 15% damage, and thats if you’re close. Recovery is slow too. I really only like it for getting me back on the stage.

i agree about the hammer… i still perfer the forward a in air combos at low percentages then look for chance to hammer away…

now about the up b… i do believe the move has been vastly improved… i believe though it doesn’t kill it is a nice why to build damage in combos… example after the throw i like to follow with it… it’s easier to hit and leaves me in advantage to follow offensively… the air hammer in this case misses alot… my goal is to do attacks with limited opening and higher success rates… i would like others opinion on this… i maybe wrong or others may see something i don’t…

also i noticed the attack beats alot of others so i use it to break oppenents combos or attack strings…

kirby has be top tier, I love the lil guy. Seems like he’s alot stronger this game.

It’d be cool to see Kirby be top tier, but I don’t know if he’d make it that high.

Anyone have any bad matchups? IMO, heavyweights are bad for Kirby. Hard to dish out enough damage since Kirby doesn’t have much of a projectile (unless you got a good hat for him anyway), and most of them can easily send Kirby flying with a smash.

It doesn’t, which SUCKS!!!:mad:

Oh well, gone are his days of being the best Spiker in the game. 5 jumps and no reliable spike, what a waste…:shake:

spikes =?

spiking is an effect of being immediatly sent downward, at a velocity that usually ends with you not being able to recover since your either to low to, or the spike was strong enough to push you to the bottom.

Kirby’s down air does do this, but the effect isnt as dramatic as most others, since they wont go straight down as fast as say, Ganon’s down air, but it will send them downwards, try at heigher percentages and youll see.

he down air doesn’t spike but it is still really good… it push the opponent down far enough that it really hard for most characters to get back up… so use it…